DNA & Life

Biodiversity and Molecular Biology

The DNA & Life educational program is based on one of the newest DNA methods for examining biodiversity. DNA & Life is a unique citizen science project where high school students map selected aquatic animals in Denmark by analyzing environmental DNA (eDNA) collected in fresh, salt, and brackish water.

At DNAlab, your class will have the opportunity to learn about molecular biology, bioinformatics, biodiversity, and ecology.

DNA & life – high school students in frontline research

DNA & Life brings high school students up close to research and into the inner workings of scientists in the museum's DNA laboratory, DNAlab. Here, they participate in developing methods and collecting and analysing data and samples for use in research and management. Read some of the published scientific research HERE.

DNA & Life is supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and conducted in collaboration with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, where DNA & Life examines Danish bodies of water to find environmental DNA. The goal is to detect the spread of selected non-native species.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency works on various initiatives, including securing Danish nature from invasive species. High school students can assist with this effort by collecting environmental DNA in the field and conducting laboratory analyses of these samples in our DNAlab.

Time and registration for both field and laboratory work will be available on our website before each relevant season.

DNA & Life 2022-2024

In collaboration with the project "DNA på FORKANT", DNA & Life will investigate Danish fjords and marine areas to find environmental DNA. The goal is to detect the distribution of selected species.

The results are expected to provide new information about individual species, their interactions, and their connections to climate change, nutrient runoff, fishing, and other human influences.

Time and registration for both fieldwork and laboratory work will be available on our website before each respective season.

Fieldwork 2024

The "DNA på FORKANT" project opens fieldwork for the collection of environmental DNA samples in the Limfjord. Read practical information about the fieldwork HERE.

DNA & life Teaching Courses 2024
During the fieldwork in 2024, environmental DNA samples are collected in the Limfjord and other fjords as part of the “DNA på FORKANT” project. SSome of these samples will be analysed in the museum's DNAlab in DNA & Life teaching sessions. When registration for this is available, it will be indicated here on the website. Read practical information about the teaching program HERE.

Former Projects

DEPA Collaboration: Engaged high school classes in monitoring marine species using eDNA, benefiting species management and student education.

REAL SCIENCE: A pioneering citizen science project involving high school students in scientific research alongside university researchers.

Tap Water eDNA Analysis: Students investigated tap water biodiversity, uncovering a wealth of organisms.

Method Development Participation: Students participated in qPCR optimization and testing, gaining hands-on research experience.

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