Inspiration for teaching and preparation

The list of keywords and terms below can help you plan your teaching. Your class may find the list useful when they prepare for the DNA & life course.

Keywords and terms

  • DNA
  • DNA purification and extraction
  • PCR and real-time PCR
  • Primer
  • Primer-probe system
  • Species and species identification
  • Biodiversity
  • Nature monitoring and protection
  • Freshwater
  • Endangered species
  • Mapping

As you can see, the content of the course has a wide scope. If the students have prior knowledge of one or more of the topics, it will be an advantage to them and your teaching. Our visiting students usually have a prior knowledge of practical PCR or freshwater ecology through macro index studies, for instance.

We make sure that the course is designed for your class’ level of knowledge, and even if you are not fully prepared, you will still learn a lot at DNAlab. 

DNAlab program

The students will analyze a fresh water sample from a Danish fresh water site using qPCR. They will be looking for eDNA from rare or endangered species. We get and discuss the results the same day. To identify the various fish species, we also use a classical identification key. Many of our visiting classes use the data for written reports.

Materials for preparation

Below you find a list of scientific publications on the eDNA method and how it is applied. The papers can be used for preparation by both students and teachers before you visit DNAlab.

Monitoring endangered freshwater biodiversity using environmental DNA. Thomsen PF, Kielgast J, Iversen LL, Wiuf C, Rasmussen M, Gilbert MT, Orlando L, Willerslev E. 2012. Molecular Ecology 21: 2565-2573. 

Ancient and modern environmental DNA. Mikkel Winther Pedersen, Søren Overballe-Petersen, Luca Ermini, Clio Der Sarkissian, James Haile, Micaela Hellstrom, Johan Spens, Philip Francis Thomsen, Kristine Bohmann, Enrico Cappellini, Ida Bærholm Schnell, Nathan A. Wales, Christian Carøe, Paula F. Campos, Astrid M. Z. Schmidt, M. Thomas P. Gilbert, Anders J. Hansen, Ludovic Orlando  Eske Willerslev. 2015. Philisophical Transactions B. Biological Sciences.

Harnessing DNA to improve environmental management. Kelly RP, Port JA, Yamahara KM, Martone RG, Lowell N, Thomsen FP, Mach ME, Bennett M, Prahler E, Caldwell MR, Crowder LB. 2014. Science 344: 1455-1456.