Kaffevogn i Botanisk Have

Mundfryd's coffee wagon in the Botanical Garden

In the heart of the Botanical Garden, you find the coffee wagon Mundfryd. Here, the skilled baristas are ready to provide you with refreshments. With the Victorian Palm House in the background, the coffee wagon has one of the most beautiful locations in the city.

The coffee wagon serves a large selection of both hot and cold drinks - e.g. lovely iced coffee with caramel syrup and vanilla ice cream. You can also get the cake of the day, buttered buns and various snacks, just as you can always get cold, organic ice cream in a waffle cone or cup.

Take a seat at the tables along the Reflecting Pool, settle down in one of the garden's seating areas or take your refreshments to-go. The old garden offers many wonderful places where you can enjoy your food undisturbed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Mundfryd's primary produce is as far as possible organic and fair trade, just as they also only use biodegradable service.

Address and opening hours

Botanical Garden
Gothersgade 128
1123 Copenhagen K

Opening hours:
Summer half-year: 10.00 a.m.  5.45 p.m.
Winter half-year: Closed

Mundfryd serves refreshments in the open air and is therefore dependent on the weather.

The coffee wagon's menu

Hot beverages 

Cappuccino  40 DKK

Caffé latte 44 DKK

Americano 38 DKK

Flat white 38 DKK

Cortado 35 DKK

Double espresso  30 DKK

Affogato (vanilla ice cream & espresso)  45 DKK

Hot chocolate (+ whipped cream)  50 DKK

Chai latte 45 DKK

Tea  35 DKK

Plant milk (soy or oat milk) - 5 DKK

Cold beverages 

Iced coffee 58 DKK
With caramel syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream 

Iced chai latte 52 DKK

Iced tea (peach & lemon flavour) - 50 DKK

Organic elderflower juice - 35 DKK  

Organic cola - 35 DKK

Mineral water/sparkling water - 25 DKK 

Beer and wine

Organic beer  28 DKK

Red- or white wine  48 DKK per glass

Organic ice cream 

Choose between vanilla, chocolate, lemon sorbet or strawberry 

1 scoop  34 DKK

2 scoops  44 DKK

3 scoops  50 DKK

Topping 5 DKK
Whipped cream and strawberry jam 

Cake, bread & snacks 

Chocolate chip cookie  32 DKK

Blueberry muffin  32 DKK

Rhubarb cake with whipped cream  50 DKK

Organic sourdough bun with butter & cheese  38 DKK

Chips (different flavours)  20 DKK

Cantuccini  8/20 DKK

Organic salted almonds  10/25 DKK