Vsion and values

Vision and values

Our vision

To empower connection between people and nature
We want to inspire, engage and enable people to enjoy, understand and care for the diversity of the natural world.

Our purpose

Positive change for people and planet
We advance a scientific understanding of the natural world to help everyone make knowledge-based decisions for a sustainable future.

Our offer

This is your story. We are all part of nature
We offer an abundance of questions and answers. As the national museum of natural history with historic collections, excellent research and a botanical garden, we invite everyone on a journey to explore the wonders of science and nature.

Our values

We are professional
We strive for excellence and expertise in everything we do.

We are responsible
We aim for positive social, cultural and environmental impact in our decision-making.

We are collaborative
We engage with society, value diversity and invite participation.

We are pioneering
We encourage imaginative thinking and future-forward approaches.

We are principled
We have moral integrity. We stand up for what we believe in.

We are curious
We are eager to learn, share and discover more about our natural world.