Picture of guests in the exhibitions

About the Museum

The Natural History Museum is the national museum of natural history in Denmark. The museum is beautifully located in the corner of the Botanical Garden near Nørreport Station. Until October 2022 the museum also welcomed guests at the Zoological Museum at Østerbro, which is now closed to the public in order to prepare for the new museum building that will open in the Botanical Garden in a few years time.

The collections

The museum is responsible for the management of the national natural history collections as well as the associated research and public outreach. The collections form the absolute core of the museum. They include approx. 14 million objects collected over 400 years, including skins, skeletons, insects on needles, herbarium plants, fossils, minerals and meteorites. In addition to this is also the living collections in the Botanical Garden, which include approx. 9,000 different plant species, such as orchid, cactus, carnivorous plants and exotic tree species.

New museum building

Picture of new building

In a few years, the museum will get a new museum building. The new building will be located in the Botanical Garden in the heart of Copenhagen.