screenshot of 3d programme the human animal

The 3D learning tool The Human Animal is now available in an upgraded version working with most browsers. The Human Animal is relaunched with an updated version of the background texts and teacher’s guide. 

'The Human Animal’ is an online educational tool about human evolution and evolutionary relations. The Human Animal includes several resources for you and your students to combine and use for learning more about human evolution and the relations between humans and their closest living and prehistoric family members.

Your students will use practical exercises and authentic scientific methods to explore and learn about evolutionary concepts like adaptation, speciation, evolutionary trees, fossils, and dating of fossils. The Human Animal can also be used to teach other biological topics like physiology, genetics, and molecular biology.     

The Human Animal webpage includes:

  • An online 3D learning tool for studying and comparing skulls from modern humans, chimpanzee and two prehistoric human species. The program lets the students measure and describe differences and similarities between the species and use their observations to answer questions on human evolution and kinship.
  • A video guide on how to use the 3D tool.
  • Three award-winning documentaries taking you into the dissection hall of the Natural History Museum of Denmark and under the skin of a dead chimpanzee. The films show some of the differences between us humans and our closest relatives, the great apes.
  • Fact sheets on the four species from the 3D tool including links for further reading.
  • Teacher’s guide with advice for how to use the resources, with extra background information and suggestions for specific questions, which can support your students’ work with the 3D tool.
  • Answers to FAQ on human evolution, evolutionary relationships with other primates, fossil research and general questions on theory of evolution.

Open the 3D Tool

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3D Program Video Guide

link to 3D Program Video Guide

Meet the Experts

link to film about Meet the Experts

Facts: About the Species (PDF)

link to Facts: About the Species (PDF)

Teacher’s Guide (PDF)

link to Teacher’s Guide (PDF)