23 November 2013

The Human Animal wins European media prize


The Human Animal has won the European media prize ‘New Media EuroPAWS 2013’. The Human Animal is based on the Natural History Museum of Denmark's human evolution educational program, and the website connected to ‘The Human Animal’ is now highly popular among high school students from all over Denmark. The idea behind The Human Animal is that high school students who live far from Copenhagen also should benefit from the capital’s educational offers.

Behind the title ‘best science communication in the category ‘new media production’’, lie three documentaries and an interactive 3D program.

image of awardPhoto: Anders Graver

”’The Human Animal’ is a new way of making science communication. We have won this prestigious award because we have been able to combine research, a new visualization technique, and an exciting teaching method in a new way”, says Hanne Strager, head of the Department of Education at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Under the skin

In continuation of ‘The Human Animal’, the Natural History Museum has produced three documentaries that are being used as inspiration for teaching human evolution. In the dissecting hall at the Zoological Museum, the documentary hosts literally bring the audience under the skin of a dead chimpanzee, where the audience learns the similarities and differences between us humans and the human apes.

image of students

Photo: MOEF

“The idea behind the documentaries is to invite the audience into a universe they normally wouldn’t have access to. The audience is taken deep inside the labyrinthian corridors of the Natural History Museum, where they watch the biologists while they dissect the human evolution in a literal fashion. This way, the audience is being presented with an interesting view on our own evolutionary history”, says Anders Drud Jordan, head of Digital Production and Web TV at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Watch the documentaries

Watch the documentaries and try out ‘The Human Animal’ here.

The making of ‘The Human Animal’ was supported by the Danish Culture Agency’s E-Museum funds, and is free to use.

Read more about EuroPAWS 2013 here: www.europaws.org.


Hanne Strager
Exhibition Manager
Natural History Museum of Denmark
Gothersgade 130, 1323 København K
Mail: hanne@snm.ku.dk
Phone: +45 28 75 10 62

Anders Drud Jordan
Head of Digital Production and Web TV
Natural History Museum of Denmark
Gothersgade 130, 1323 København K
Mail: adjordan@snm.ku.dk
Phone: +45 51 82 69 82
Mobile: +45 51 82 69 82