ICE FRONTIERS – is Greenland melting?

In recent years Greenland’s glaciers have been melting at remarkable speed. But is this abnormal, or have they done this before? In order to find an answer to this, climate scientists are working flat out to gather all available data about the ice in Greenland: partly by comparing historical aerial photographs of Greenland’s glaciers with modern satellite images. Now high school pupils can also give the method a go.

ICE FRONTIERS enables students to go online to measure and compare Greenland’s glaciers both in the past and in the present. The material is targeted at high-school-level Geography.

ICE FRONTIERS consists of:

  • A measurement programme – an interactive, geographical information system (GIS)-like tool
  • Films – for guidance and inspiration for using the material
  • A teacher’s guide and inspirational teaching material 

The measurement programme has been designed for PCs and Macs, and has been optimised for Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

Start the Programme

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Screen Shots

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For the Teachers

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