11 June 2013

The Human Animal shortlisted for prestigious prize

The Human Animal is based on the popular courses on human evolution provided by Natural History Museum of Denmark. The site was launched six months ago. The goal is to make the teaching resources of the museum more accessible to high schools from other parts of the country.

image of students

- We launch e-teaching tools as The Human Animal in order to reach as many as possible, also from outside the Capitol. It's good to see thousands of high school students from all over the country use it and learn from it. It is a huge recognition that even people from abroad have found out what we are capable of. Being shortlisted alongside e.g. BBC must be seen as a kind of quality badge of the work we are doing - says Hanne Strager, Exhibition Manager at Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Digging under the skin of our evolutionary history
The documentaries take us - literally - under the skin of a dead chimpanzee lying on a slab in the dissection room of Zoological Museum. The hosts show and discuss the similarities and differences between humans and our closest living cousin.

image of science communicators disecting an animal

Exploring the anatomy of the chimpanzee takes us around discussions of the evolution of the brain, the importance of diet in building a modern human, the anatomical demands and consequences of walking on two legs, and the evolution of teeth and jaws.

- The idea is to guide through a universe normally barred to the viewers. By walking through the labyrinthine halls of the zoological museum and by letting the hosts themselves find the clues of evolution the viewers get an intriguing glimpse into our own evolutionary history - says Anders Drud Jordan, head of digital production and web-tv at Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Watch the documentaries and try out the course:  http://snm.ku.dk/english/school_services/human_animal/

More on the other nominees: http://europaws.org/festival/2013-shortlist/