Misty at the Zoological Museum

Zoological Museum

At the Zoological, Museum you can explore the world of animals from past to present. Explore natural history among musk oxen, whales and the giants of the past, and greet the museum's 17 meter long dinosaur 'Misty', which welcomes you to the exhibition 'Precious Things', where we present the museum's most beautiful and valuable treasures.

Follow in Charles Darwin's footsteps in the exhibition ‘Evolution’ or visit the ‘Natural History Laboratory’, where you can make use of all your senses and get up close with different animals. The museum also has a cinema, which shows our own productions.

The museum holds events, children's birthdays and tours for the whole family. Also drop by the museum shop and take home a piece of the experience.


Natural History Museum of Denmark
Zoological Museum
Universitetsparken 15
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Tlf: +45 22 83 63 55

NOTE: The elavator from the ground floor is temporarily out of service.