21 March 2024

We are renovating the paths in the Botanical Garden


The paths in the Botanical Gardens are being renovated over the next few years. The next stage of the project will start on 22 April and last until November 2024. During these months, the paths by the main entrance, the shop and the Palm House will be periodically blocked.

Magnolia in the Botanical Garden

The existing paths in the Botanical Garden are to be renovated in order to handle and improve accessibility for the Botanical Garden's many visitors. At the same time, a rainwater simulation has shown that there is a need to ensure better drainage of the trails in case of heavy rainfall, which it unfortunately indicates that we will experience more of in the future.

In order for the garden to remain open to guests throughout the renovation period, the renovation will take place over three stages until 2025. The first stage has been successfully completed and the second phase of the project will start on 22 April of this year. This means that the main entrance, the Botanical Garden's shop and the area around the Palm House and the Butterfly House will be periodically cordoned off until November 2024.

We regularly update the map of the Botanical Garden, so you can always stay informed before and during your visit, and extra signs in the garden will guide visitors in the right direction.

The Botanical Garden is part of Natural History Museum of Denmark and differs significantly from other metropolitan parks in that it is a living museum with research, communication, education and nature conservation as main tasks. Due to the history and conservation value of the gardens, we proceed carefully to take a cautious approach to the rare plants and the listed garden that have been on Østervold since 1874.

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