19 March 2024

Explore the Insects With New App

New app

The Bugdex app is the ultimate beginners guide to insects for any student, biologist and nature lover.

Bugdex is easy to use and is especially targeted at pupils and students. But anyone interested in nature can use it to learn more about insects.
Bugdex is easy to use and is especially targeted at pupils and students. But anyone interested in nature can use it to learn more about insects. Illustration: Bugdex

Embark on a journey through the fascinating world of insects with Bugdex, a groundbreaking app proudly presented by The Natural History Museum of Denmark in collaboration with DKB Digital Designs. Bugdex is the ultimate beginners guide to insects for any student, biologist and nature lover.

Prepare to be captivated by Bugdex's sleek and intuitive interface, designed to encourage exploration. With a multitude of custom interactive animations and a wealth of stunning insect imagery, Bugdex brings the fascinating world of entomology to life. Learn how to recognize the insect orders of the world, discover the amazing ways insects live and evolve, and improve collecting and observation skills, and so much more! 

Bugdex is tailored for teaching high-school students and undergraduate students, but it will appeal to anyone enthusiastic about nature and wanting to learn more about insects. Designed with accessibility in mind, the app aims to captivate and educate users, regardless of their prior knowledge in entomology.

Bugdex will help the aspiring entomologist to step into the field armed with a collection of how-to videos and images, unveiling the fundamental techniques and essential equipment. From beginner practices to advanced techniques, Bugdex equips you with the tools needed to become a skilled entomologist.

Get ready to embark on an educational journey like no other with Bugdex – where discovery awaits with every swipe.

In the app, you can, among other things, read about insects and learn how to classify them into subgroups. Illustration: Bugdex

Bugdex includes four main sections:

  • The Guide teaches you how to recognize the 30+ insect orders in the world and how to differentiate between insects and other invertebrates
  • The Bug bestiary allows you to browse insect orders in either alphabetical or evolutionary order; an individual taxon page for each order provides further background information
  • The Bug gear section provides practical tips and tricks on how to be successful when collecting in the field
  • The Basics section provides general information on the diversity, anatomy and development of insects

Bugdex was created by David K.B. Cheung, Line Kræmer, Charles-Étienne Ferland, Marvin W. Gunderman and Lars Vilhelmsen, a Canadian-Danish team of passionate entomologists who know that Bugdex will increase awareness and excitement about insects.

Bugdex was produced with the generous support of the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The Augustinus Foundation and the 15. Juni Foundation provided support for developing pilot versions of Bugdex, one of which was published as an iBook, Bill-e-bogen, in 2019.

Bugdex - Your portal to entomology; available for free from the Apple App Store with an Android version coming soon.