23 June 2017

Grants for bold research ideas

The VILLUM Experiment

On June 13, 2017, the VILLUM FOUNDATION announced the names of the researchers who got funding for their projects through the instrument the VILLUM Experiment. Among the 38 researchers who got funding for their experiments are three scientists from the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

Enrico Cappellini, Associate Professor
Project: Pushing exploration of Human Evolution Backward by Palaeoproteomics

Jørgen Olesen, Associate Professor 
Project: The adult Y-animal - a 100+ year old enigma in marine biology

Tom Gilbert, Professor
Project: Was animal domestication driven by gut microbiome humanisation?

They each got DKK 2 million out of the DKK 70 million, which the VILLUM Foundation awarded through the Experiment call. Out of the 38 grants, UCPH received 16 and it places UCPH as the clear number one in this round of proposals.

Through the Experiment call, the VILLUM FOUNDATION supports bold research ideas that would have difficulty fitting into the conventional peer-review funding system. Furthermore, the funding instrument is targeted the very special research projects that challenge the norm and have the potential to fundamentally alter the way we approach important topics.

The press release on the website of the VILLUM FOUNDATION can be found here.