26 February 2016

Changes to public engagement at the Natural History Museum of Denmark

Savings and cutbacks

In 2016, a number of changes to opening hours and public engagement at the Natural History Museum of Denmark will take effect. The changes are a consequence of the savings imposed upon the University of Copenhagen in connection with the 2015 government budget.

Beginning 1 March, 2016, the opening hours at the Zoological Museum will be reduced by, meaning that the hours will be from 10 am to 4 pm. Opening hours at the Geological Museum will continue unchanged.

The major, free public engagement events, Science Night, Botanical Garden Day, and Culture Night, will be suspended temporarily in 2016. The teaching activities for elementary and high school students will be maintained at the present level.

In connection with the savings, the museum management has emphasized preserving the core activities. Therefore, the ambitions concerning the new museum of natural history at the Botanical garden are upheld.

Read more about the savings at the University of Copenhagen here.