8 January 2015

Professor Carsten Rahbek appointed President


The International Biogeography Society has appointed its new president. The society brings together scientists from across the world in studying Nature’s biogeographical patterns and processes, including evolution, ecology and biodiversity conservation.

Photo by: Lars Juul Hauschildt

The International Biogeography Society has appointed Professor Carsten Rahbek, director of the Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate at University of Copenhagen, as President. The society was founded in 2001 as the primary forum for biogeographers worldwide.

After two years as President-Elect and in accordance with the society’s tradition, Carsten Rahbek is now appointed President for a two-year period, followed by a two-year period as Past-President.

“The International Biogeography Society has within its relatively short lifespan managed to grow into one of the most significant research communities for macroeocologists and biogeographers” says Carsten Rahbek, whose center is based at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

“Through biogeography we can study Nature in a context that spans both time and geography. The knowledge we gain from this helps us understand the processes in our current natural surroundings and what changes we might expect in the future in light of, e.g., Global changes in land-use and climate change", he says.

His presidency starts January 12th 2015 and was announced at the society’s 7th biennial meeting taking place in Bayreuth, Germany for its ca 1,000 members. 


Carsten Rahbek
Professor and Director
Center for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate, Natural History Museum, University of Copenhagen

Mobile: 38794860
Tlf: 35321030
Email: crahbek@snm.ku.dk

Elisabeth Wulffeld
Københavns Universitet
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