Udstoppet påfugl i museets samlinger

Wild Wonderful World


The museum's treasure trovesBehind the scenes in the museum's collections, there are more than 14 million objects; ranging from microscopic plankton to gigantic whales, from stardust to gemstones, bird feathers, and flower seeds. Learn more about one of the world's most important collections, collected over 400 years with the help of thousands of people from around the globe.

In June 2024, we will open the doors to an exhibition where you can get up close to the wealth of objects, stories, and research results hidden in the museum's treasure troves.

Experience thrilling tales of fantastic discoveries collected on expeditions to impenetrable rainforests, the deep sea, outer space, and our own backyard.

The exhibition also provides a unique glimpse into the inner workings of the museum, where research on the collections transforms into knowledge that brings about positive change for people and nature.

In the exhibition workshop, both children and adults can handle stuffed animals, bones, shells, and rocks. Examine objects under a microscope, ask questions to the museum hosts, and discover how you can assist researchers in mapping out nature.

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What you will experience

From impressive prehistoric creatures excavated by a renowned Danish scientist on an expedition, to a meteorite from outer space picked up by a little girl in Glostrup, Denmark. There are people and historical context behind each of the many objects in the exhibition.

Explore unique pieces of amber containing previously unknown insect species, Greenlandic fossils, and the museum's collection of Danish medicinal plants, which have never been exhibited to the public before.

You can also witness famous objects such as remains of the world's very last great auk, Darwin's gift, Bøje Benzon's African animal collection, and the original copperplates from Flora Danica.

Rosamund Purcells kunstinstallation, som indgår i udstillingen

Art in the Exhibition

The museum is one of the world's oldest, with roots dating back to Ole Worm's collection from the early 1600s. In the exhibition, you can experience the artist Rosamund Purcell's installation 'Two Rooms,' which is a spatial representation of his 'Museum Wormianum.'


Natural History Museum of Denmark
Øster Voldgade 5-7
1350 Copenhagen K
Tlf: 22 82 76 79


Sustainable Development Goals

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The exhibition supports the UN Sustainable goals.