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Chasing Volcanoes

Foredrag med Vin & Videnskab

CLIVE OPPENHEIMER  (England), Award-winning professor of volcanology from the University of Cambridge

NB: Foredraget vil være på engelsk / The talk will be in English

Our international guest of the autumn season is Clive Oppenheimer, an award-winning professor of volcanology from the University of Cambridge. He has spent about three decades studying volcanoes, from Antarctica, where he has conducted fieldwork on Mount Erebus for 13 seasons, to remote Pacific islands, Central African war zones and North Korea. He is the main character of Werner Herzog’s documentary Into the Inferno (2016) which can be seen on Netflix.

Tonight, Clive Oppenheimer will talk about his exploration of active volcanoes around the world and give us insights into how far volcanologists have come in understanding the dynamics of volcanos and being able to predict eruptions.

A glass of wine will be served during the intermission (included in the price).


Clive OppenheimerCLIVE OPPENHEIMER  BA in Natural Sciences, PhD in Volcanology, Professor of Volcanology at the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge.

Clive Oppenheimer researches magmatic and volcanic processes, the long-range climatic and societal impacts of eruptions, and obsidian provenancing. He has been awarded the Leif Erikson Award (Iceland; 2018) for “a lifetime achievement in exploration”, the Nomination for Emmy News & Documentary award “outstanding science documentary” (2017) and the Royal Geographical Society Murchison Award (2005) “for publications judged to contribute most to geographical science in preceding recent years”. Has published various books on volcanology including “Eruptions that Shook the World” (2011).