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Foto: Ana Sofia Reboleira

Exploring Caves

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ANA SOFIA REBOLEIRA (Portugal) Zoolog, huleforsker
JOHANNES LUNDBERG (Sverige) Botaniker, huleforsker

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De to huleforskere Ana Sofia Reboleira fra Portugal og Johannes Lundberg fra Sverige vil tage os med i dybet og fortælle om deres hule-ekspeditioner verden over og om deres forskning i det særegne og ofte bizarre liv, der har tilpasset sig tilværelsen i hulernes evige nat.  

The 7th continent: Life in the underground
ANA SOFIA REBOLEIRA Ph.D. in biology, entomologist, subterranean biologist, Aveiro University, Portugal

World without light: A journey to one of our least known wilderness
JOHANNES LUNDBERG Ph.D. in systematic botany, curator at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, vice president of the Swedish Speleological Society 

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ANA SOFIA REBOLEIRA Postdoctoral researcher at the Aveiro University, Portugal, has a PhD in Biology from Aveiro University and undertook research at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, Harvard University, American University, Italian Research Council and La Laguna University. Sofia discovered and described more than 50 new taxa for science, including the world's deepest cave animal. Her research focus on different aspects of taxonomics, biogeography, ecology, genetics, ecotoxicology and ethology, from the shallow subterranean habitats to the deep subsurface biosphere and its relation with surface. She was Vice-President of the International Society for Subterranean Biology and is a member of the Cave Invertebrate Specialist group of the IUCN, apart from being involved in many Speleological international institutions. Start caving at the age of 14 and has explored more than 1000 caves in different continents, these include the deepest and longest caves of the planet. In her home country, Portugal, Sofia gave an unprecedented contribution to the knowledge about cave fauna converting the country into a biodiversity hotspot of subterranean biodiversity.

JOHANNES LUNDBERG Curator at the Swedish Museum of Natural History with a Ph.D. in systematic botany, but he has also been caving since he was 12 years old. Since then, he has explored and surveyed numerous caves on three continents, including the longest cave in Scandinavia, the more than 25 km long and 500 m deep Tjoarvekrájgge, that he discovered in 1993. Recently he has been involved in geomicrobiological research projects in caves as well as artificial urban subsurface systems, and in an ecological inventory of a metro station in Stockholm. Johannes is vice president of the Swedish Speleological Society, and member of both Swedish and Norwegian cave rescue organisations.