Barn med insekt i hænderne i Botanisk Have

Botany, butterflies, and fossils for children

Over the summer, we open the doors and offer free children's activities in the Public Engagement Greenhouse in the Botanical Garden.

This summer, in the middle of the Botanical Garden's living plant collection, you can meet our hosts, who invite you to botanical, geological, and zoological activities in our Public Engagement Greenhouse and outdoor pavilions. Pop by and learn more about botany and fossils, by getting your hands dirty and touching the fossils. You can also go on a bird or butterfly tour on your own in the garden.

  • Make your own newspaper herb pot, plant cuttings or sow your own seeds. You get to bring your finished result home together with care instructions so that you can grow the botanicals on your window sill, garden, or balcony flowerbox.

  • Make your very own fossil cast and get a better understanding of how the life of the past turned into the fossils we find today all around on beaches, by cliffs, and in limestone pits.

  • Go on a bird and butterfly trip in the Botanical Garden or color beautiful line drawings of birds and butterflies in the Public Engagement Greenhouse.

Practical information

Date and time: Thursdays and Sundays during week 26-31 at 11-16.

Location: The Public Engagement Greenhouse in the Botanical Garden. Find the way.

Price: The activities are free.

Food and drink: In the Botanical Garden, you can buy refreshments from Mundfryd's coffee cart in front of the Palm House. See menu.