Ice age workshop

People of the Ice Age – workshop  

In the exhibition ’Neanderthal’

Follow the Neanderthals’ footsteps, and test your knowledge about the animals that lived during the Ice Age. In the Ice Age workshop, you can examine fur, antlers and bones from the animals of the Ice Age, compare sculls from Neanderthals and contemporary humans, see copies of stone tools and put together the big mammoth puzzle. Get to know more about the Danish Ice Age geology, and learn how to recognize a beach stone left by the latest Ice Age in Denmark.

There is room to immerse yourself together and play, draw and learn about the humans, animals and landscapes of the past. You can for instance see and touch sculls and teeth from the cave bear and sabre-toothed cat. There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions to our lovely hosts, who will help you get started with the different activities.

In the Ice Age workshop, you can also sit down with a good story about prehistoric people or relax with a drawing of prehistoric animals.

Ice age workshop

Opening Hours

The workshop is open in weekends, school vacations and public holidays from 11.00-16.00. All activities are free, once the admission fee to the museum has been paid.


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