Børnefødselsdag i Botanisk Have

Children's birthday party in the Botanical Garden

Send out the invites to an expedition in the natural world and give the friends an experience out of the ordinary. Children’s birthday parties in the Botanical Garden can be booked in the periods April – June and August – September.

In the company of one of the museum’s hosts, the birthday kid and -guests are invited on an expedition in the Botanical Garden. We will open the big expedition box, which contains real scientific objects from near and far and sets the stage for a story about scientists and explorers, field investigations and collections.

Together we will explore the old, botanical garden, where the children will discover and examine the plants’ wonderful world. We will get all the senses in play and dive into topics such as medical, poisonous and eatable plants, pollination, seed dispersal and flowers’ adaptation to life in water.

The expedition will end in the Botanist’s workshop, where the children will make their own botanical souvenir to bring home.

The expedition includes

  • An evocative introduction to expeditions and journeys of discovery (approx. 15 min.).

  • Expedition in the Botanical Garden – a special guided tour on the children’s terms (approx. 45 min).

  • Workshop in the Botanist’s workshop, where we will do creative botanical activities (approx. 30 min).

  • Private birthday table in the Public Engagement Greenhouse or the outdoor pavilions, where you can set the table for the hungry expedition participants and celebrate the birthday kid (1 hour).*

*Birthday celebrations starting 13.00 will begin with the celebrations at the birthday table, and afterwards move on to introduction to journeys of discovery, expedition and workshop.

Practical information

  • Time: Children’s birthday parties can be booked Saturdays and Sundays with start 10.00 or 13.00.

  • Period: April–June and August–September

  • Capacity and price:

    • Max 20 ppl. Of these max 15 children and at least 2 adults.*
      Price in total: 2.000 kr. (+ booking fee)

    • Max 30 ppl. Of these max 25 children and at least 3 adults.*
      Price in total: 3000 kr. (+ booking fee)

      *The participating adults are expected to participate in the expedition and activities, and help the children along the way. The Botanical Garden is a living museum with invaluable plants from all around the world. All participants are expected to respect the gardens rules of conduct.

  • Age group: The birthday celebrations are directed at children in the age group 7-12 years.  

  • Food and beverages: You can use the Public Engagement Greenhouse or the outdoor pavilions, which are reserved for your company for one hour. You must bring all food and beverages yourself. There will be chairs, tables and a refrigerator at your disposal.

    You can borrow reusable tableware in festive colors. You must do the washing-up of the borrowed tableware within the hour you have at your disposal. There equipment to do the washing-up by hand is provided.

  • Decorations: We will decorate with birthday flags on the table and a couple of festoons with the Danish flag and colored streamers. If you wish to bring your own additional decorations, you are more than welcome. However, we request that you do not bring confetti. Balloons must be on a string and tied down, because they otherwise easily end up in the garden.