Worth Knowing before Your Visit

The Natural History Museum of Denmark, incl. the Zoological Museum, the Botanical Garden and the Palm House are now open again after the lockdown. We look forward to welcome you back!

Please note

Corona Pass

A visit to the museum or to the Palm House requires a valid corona pass and a personal ID card. All persons 15* and above will have to document one of the following:

  • That you are fully vaccinated. Your vaccine certificate will be valid documentation two weeks after your final vaccine jab.

  • That you have tested negative for the corona virus through either a PCR test or a quick test. When you arrive at the museum, your test can only 72 hours old from the moment you were tested.

  • That you have been infected and can provide a positive test as documentation, which is at least 14 days and no more than 180 days old.

* Exceptions are in effect for people with medical reasons or for people with physical or mental impairments that cannot complete a covid 19 test.

Visits outdoors in the Botanical Garden do not require a Corona Pass. Special events in the garden do require a Corona Pass and ID.

Help us by having your corona passport and ID ready at the entrance
You can present your corona passport either printed out or electronically on your cell phone. Please also show your ID with the corona passport. Valid ID could be a driver's license, health card, passport or other government issued ID. To make everything easier, we encourage you to have both items ready when you arrive at the museum. Thank you for your help.

If you have any questions about the corona passport, please call the official corona hotline on (+45) 70 20 02 33 or visit coronasmitte.dk or sundhed.dk.

Initiatives for a safe and good experience

As a guest of the museum, your safety is of utmost importance to us. We follow the health authorities' guidelines and have implemented a number of initiatives to make your visit to the museum a safe and good experience.

  • Face masks at the museum. According to the authorities' guidelines, everyone must wear a face mask or visor indoors in public places. This also applies during your museum visit and in the Palm House.

  • Face masks in the café and at events. All guests must wear a face mask when they enter the museum café at Øster Voldgade and also at indoor events and guided tours. This applies during your entire stay except when you are sitting down.

  • Distance. We ensure more space by limiting the number of guests in the exhibitions at any given time. We have also provided social distancing precautions and introduced one-way traffic at narrow passageways. Furthermore, we have created extra space in arrival areas by separating ticket sales from the museum shops.

  • Increased supervision. With additional staffing, help is always near by. If you have any questions or need guidance during your visit, you are very welcome to contact the staff at the museum - remember to keep a distance.

  • Cleaning and hygiene. We make sure to clean more frequently at the museum during this time. Contact surfaces, which are exposed to frequent touch, are cleaned several times daily, and there is hand sanitizer available at entrances and exits, in the exhibitions, ticket sales, café and shop.

  • Temporary closing of all hands-on activities. As a precaution, we have temporarily shut down hands-on activities and areas with close contact. This applies to the Natural History Laboratory at the Zoological Museum as well as drawing tables and microscopes at both the Zoological Museum and the Natural History Museum, Øster Voldgade 5-7.

  • Online ticket sales and booking. To ensure more space and avoid a queue for the new popular exhibition 'King of Dinosaurs' and 'Wildlife Photographer of the Year' at Øster Voldgade, we encourage everyone to plan their visit to the museum from home by purchasing a time slot ticket online through our webshop. Tickets can be booked four months in advance.