Natalie Eva Iwanycki Ahlstrand

Natalie Eva Iwanycki Ahlstrand


I am a classically trained botanist with extensive experience in field botany and herbarium & botanical garden curation. I collect botanical data derived from natural history collections, living collections, and archival records, combined with methods in citizen and community science, to investigate how change throughout the Anthropocene shapes the distribution of species, their phenotypic and genotypic traits, and interconnectedness with other species and processes over time and space (including phenological mismatches, herbivory, human use, public health, and primary productivity).

Current projects include:

i) predicting mismatches in spring phenology over time and space in response to climate warming using natural history collections and citizen science data (Find Foråret)
ii) using herbarium specimens to study the impacts of climate change on flowering phenology for allergenic pollen producing species
iii) determining how climate change affects functional plant traits (leaf area, plant height, flower size) over time and space in Arctic biomes using data collected from herbarium specimens and field collected data

Students looking for projects are welcome to contact me. 

Primary fields of research

Plant phenology & climate change, plant traits, herbivory, populaton genomics, introduced plants, phylogeography, plant dispersal and biogeogaphy, citizen science.


Citizen Science (PhD course / MSc course), Plant-Animal Interactions (BSc), Conservation (BSc), Conservation Biology (MSc), Tropical Botany, Science Communication and Outreach (MSc). Visit our Museum webpage for details.

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