Staff at the Natural History Museum

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
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Aaris-Sørensen, Kim Associate Professor Emeritus Quaternary zoology +4526141575 E-mail
Aarseth-Hansen, Martin Gardener Greenhouse +4529616051 E-mail
Ajspur, Søren Graphic Designer +4535331391 E-mail
Akrawi, Janê Gad Museum Host +4535326061 E-mail
Alscher, Thomas Michael Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Alstrup, Josephine Kjelgaard Project Finance Administrator +4535334907 E-mail
Alwan, Ali Yousef Janitor   E-mail
Amossen, Rasmus Lingnau Volunteer   E-mail
Andersen, Jens Gardener Outdoors +4528752237 E-mail
Andersen, Laura Volunteer   E-mail
Andersen, Lone Administrative Officer Retail Manager +4535337664 E-mail
Andersen, Signe Agermose Mathiasen Administrative Officer +4535326987 E-mail
Andersen, Thilde Gardener FU +4593509406 E-mail
Araújo, João Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535323615 E-mail
Astrup, Jens Exhibition Staff +4535324448 E-mail
Axilgård, Freja Rudal Student Assistant   E-mail
Baagøe, Hans J. Associate Professor Emeritus Mammals +4535321079 E-mail
Bach, Karen Collection Staff Vascular plants +4535322260 E-mail
Bang, Sofie Student Assistant +4550806501 E-mail
Bartholdy, Mikkel Ege Museum Conservator +4535331116 E-mail
Bashforth, Arden Roy Collection Staff +4524277912 E-mail
Bastholm, Gry Gardener Greenhouse +4523827937 E-mail
Betak, Majbritt Executive Secretary +4535322308 E-mail
Biersma, Elisabeth M. Postdoc Arctic and Antarctic biogeography +4535330163 E-mail
Birkbak-Aslak, Christian Administrative Officer   E-mail
Blanke, Celine Pii Lunau Volunteer   E-mail
Booker, Sophie Boe Student Assistant   E-mail
Borrisholt, Mads Gardener Outdoors +4535322234 E-mail
Borup, Hannah Chemnitz Student Assistant   E-mail
Botwright Rance, Marnie Louise Academic Staff +4535337826 E-mail
Brandt, Luise Ørsted Guest Researcher   E-mail
Brask, Malthe Woer Student Assistant   E-mail
Brask, Sigrid Bang Tølbøl Student   E-mail
Brewer, Pip Special Consultant DaSSCO +4535334241 E-mail
Briggs, Marie Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Broad, Adam Thustrup Tiler Museum Host   E-mail
Brunsø, Amalie Thykær Academic Officer +4535331603 E-mail
Bruun-Lund, Sam Academic Research Staff +4522445903 E-mail
Bøgeskov, Bo External Consultant +4535330871 E-mail
Bøkman, Bent Press Officer +4553833041 E-mail
Calabuig, Isabel Project Manager DanBIF +4535321103 E-mail
Carl, Henrik Research Staff Fish, Invasive species +4535321124 E-mail
Carlsson, Mathilda Bloch Student   E-mail
Carton, Maxime Jean-Philippe Pascal Administrative Officer +4535333589 E-mail
Chodavarapu, Chandu Special Consultant +4535332364 E-mail
Christensen, Anneliese Leithoff Project Officer +4535336467 E-mail
Christensen, Jakob Gardener FU   E-mail
Christensen, Lone Nyholm Special Consultant Project Coordinator +4535324385 E-mail
Christensen, Sarah Leithoff Student FU +4535332033 E-mail
Christensen, Sophia Kirsten Gershøj Museum Host   E-mail
Christensson, Desiree Staun Administrative Officer +4535337249 E-mail
Claré, Emmeli Agerskov Museum Host   E-mail
Corfixen, Peer Steen Volunteer +4535322184 E-mail
Cotton, Laura Jane Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535322258 E-mail
Crisp, Robin Matthew Student +4535322555 E-mail
Cunneely, Henrik Christensen Gardener FU +4535329454 E-mail
Deletaille, Christine Albertine Holm Student Assistant +4535331824 E-mail
Dey, Pritam Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Dickinson, Noel Dakar PhD Student   E-mail
Dix, Sue Gardener Greenhouse +4528752244 E-mail
Dørge, Mille Student   E-mail
Ebbesen, Marina Glyngbo Volunteer   E-mail
Eibye-Jacobsen, Danny Collection Staff Worms and other orders, Crustaceans +4535321115 E-mail
Eilersen, Tonni Administrative Officer Botanical Garden +4529612571 E-mail
Ellehave, Bo Sorento Dichmann External Consultant   E-mail
Elvery, Hannah May Collection Assistant   E-mail
Enghoff, Henrik Professor Millipede taxonomy and evolution +4535321067 E-mail
Espensen, Mads Rahbek Gardener FU +4535334996 E-mail
Falkenberg, Margrethe Kristine Dam Student Assistant   E-mail
Faurby, Hanne Kirstine Academic Staff +4535328712 E-mail
Feldman, Nicole Jena Museum Conservator +4535329487 E-mail
Fihl, Zina Collection Staff, Conservator Minerals, Rocks and Meteorites +4535322312 E-mail
Fisher, Roberta May Academic Staff +4593509397 E-mail
Fjeldså, Jon Professor Emeritus Birds +4523812494 E-mail
Flagfeldt, Gert Ulslev Skilled Worker +4523828079 E-mail
Fleming, Martha Ann Associate Professor   E-mail
Frandsen, Louise Lund Museum Host +4535322225 E-mail
Friis, Ib Professor Emeritus Higher plants +4535322197 E-mail
Fritsch, Juliette Deputy Museum Director Exhibitions and Visitor Experience +4535333427 E-mail
Frænell, Freja Gardener FU +4535327815 E-mail
Frøslev, Rikke Grønbæk Gardener Trainee   E-mail
Gasiorek, Piotr Bartlomiej Postdoc +4535325956 E-mail
Geisler, Lucas Research Assistant   E-mail
Gjerløff, Anne Katrine Head of Learning and Public Programming +4551826977 E-mail
Gomes, Matilde Academic Staff   E-mail
Gradin, Andrea Sabine Student   E-mail
Graham, Chelsea Alene Academic Research Staff +4535323575 E-mail
Gunn, Karen Academic Staff +4535328843 E-mail
Gíslason, Elin Secretary +4535332677 E-mail
Gómez, Guillermo Uceda External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
Hald, Niels Associate Professor Emeritus Petrology +4535322372 E-mail
Hansen, Anne Hjortlund Student Assistant   E-mail
Hansen, Aslak Kappel External +4535333421 E-mail
Hansen, Charlotte Laboratory Technician EvoGenomics +4528752199 E-mail
Hansen, Eric Steen Associate Professor Emeritus Lichen +4535322189 E-mail
Hansen, Hans Vilhelm Associate Professor Emeritus Flowering plants, particularly herbs +4535322226 E-mail
Hansen, Henrik Færgemann Administrative Officer   E-mail
Hansen, Jens Søgaard External   E-mail
Hansen, Jesper Guldberg Volunteer +4535321116 E-mail
Hansen, Johan Eckart Chief Warder +4522825276 E-mail
Hansen, Søren Splidsboel Graphic Designer +4535326534 E-mail
Hart Reeve, Andrew External +4535331429 E-mail
Havmøller, Linnea Worsøe External   E-mail
Havmøller, Rasmus Worsøe Postdoc +4535321459 E-mail
Heckscher, Mikala Special Consultant +4535325736 E-mail
Hedayat, Abdi Museum Conservator +4535321077 E-mail
Hegelund, Sasha Gry Academic Officer +4540498824 E-mail
Herranz Matesanz, Maria Volunteer   E-mail
Hjorth, Lise Mai Administrative Officer Retail coordinator - Staff Schedule Planner +4535333951 E-mail
Holm, Thomas Bang Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Holmstrup, Emil Lau Student Assistant   E-mail
Holst, Rainer P. Gardener Oudoors +4535322234 E-mail
Hoogerwerf-Hospes, Anne-Marie Head of Commerciel Activities +4593509114 E-mail
Hoppe, Lasse Frøslev Museum Host +4535324155 E-mail
Hosner, Peter Andrew Assistant Professor Avian biogeography & evolution +4535331804 E-mail
Hu, Fang-Shuo PhD Student   E-mail
Hughes, Thomas Arthur Attendant FU +4535325889 E-mail
Hvidt, Helle Receptionist   E-mail
Hølund, Marie Academic Officer +4593509262 E-mail
Illum, Anders Alexander Collection Staff +4535334178 E-mail
Isager Ahl, Louise Postdoc +4535335975 E-mail
Iwanycki Ahlstrand, Natalie Academic Research Staff +4535336475 E-mail
Jacobsen, Andrea Gross Volunteer   E-mail
Jacobsen, Lif Academic Research Staff +4520570596 E-mail
Jangaard, Rasmus Skilled Worker +4524851567 E-mail
Jensen, Amalie Kargaard Student Assistant   E-mail
Jensen, Asger Roland Student FU +4535328960 E-mail
Jensen, Christina Dudek Administrative Officer   E-mail
Jensen, Jesper Mandrup Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Jensen, Kathe Emerita Molluscs, cephalopods +4535321083 E-mail
Jensen, Mattie Frydenlund E Gardener Trainee   E-mail
Jensen, Torsten Myhre Collection Staff   E-mail
Johannisson, Amanda Academic Research Staff +4535326021 E-mail
Johansen, Johannes Bodeval Student +4535323651 E-mail
Johansson, Daniel Klingberg Collection Staff Mammals and Amphibians +4535321079 E-mail
Jones, Natalia Alexandra Szwebs Academic Research Staff +4535321583 E-mail
Jordan, Anders Drud Head of Design and Digital +4551826982 E-mail
Juul, Magne Paulli Gardener FU   E-mail
Jønsson, Knud Andreas External Research Assistant +4522320463 E-mail
Jørgensen, Tina Research Assistant +4535325527 E-mail
Jørum, Palle Volunteer   E-mail
Kaddatz, Lynn Gardener FU +4593565954 E-mail
Karsholt, Ole Volunteer +4535321111 E-mail
Keller, Laurits Emil Wanscher Museum Host +4535331646 E-mail
Kennedy, Jonathan David External +447774363908 E-mail
Kern, Fredrikke Academic Research Staff +4535325801 E-mail
Kisbye, Sarah Volunteer +4535337660
Kjærbo, Pall Vang Student   E-mail
Kjærgaard, Peter C. Museum director +4535330820 E-mail
Knudsen, Steen Wilhelm Guest Researcher Fish, evolution, DNA   E-mail
Konradsen, Sofie Nørgaard Research Assistant +4535327388 E-mail
Korzen, Selma Beck Student   E-mail
Krarup, Laura Richter Volunteer   E-mail
Kristensen, Jan Bolding Volunteer +4535321032 E-mail
Kristensen, Reinhardt Møbjerg Professor Emeritus Tardigrada, Loricifera, meiofauna +4530121163 E-mail
Krøis, Emilie Goltermann Student   E-mail
Lahijani, Mozhdeh Administrative Officer   E-mail
Lange, Christian Senior Consultant with personnel management Fungi, Algae and Lichens +4535321013 E-mail
Langhave, Anne Hessellund Student   E-mail
Larsen, Anna Reinhold Student FU +4535326493 E-mail
Larsen, Daniel Ellerød Project Manager   E-mail
Larsen, Jonas Colling Academic Research Staff +4593565922 E-mail
Lausten, Mikkel Research Staff Administrative assistant, ringing section +4535321029 E-mail
Leerhøi, Frederik Academic Research Staff +4535330312 E-mail
Legind, Jan Krzysztof Data Manager +4535321510 E-mail
Lesske, Rebekka Maria Academic Research Staff +4535324727 E-mail
Letana, Socrates PhD Student Calyptrate flies: phylogeny and evolution   E-mail
Leth, Frederik Hagelund Volunteer +4535331895 E-mail
Lieberkind, Mathilde Oline Millnes Student Assistant   E-mail
Liljegren, Anna Venø Student +4535327642 E-mail
Lillemark, Marie Rathcke Academic Research Staff +4593565729 E-mail
Lindow, Bent Erik Kramer Collection Staff Collection manager vertebrate palaeontology +4520570896 E-mail
Lund, Kirstine Administrative Officer   E-mail
Lundholm, Nina Associate Professor, Curator Protists, evolution and biology +4535322282 E-mail
Lundkvist, Kajsa Sofia Reinholdt Student   E-mail
Lykke, Niels Volunteer   E-mail
MacCormac, Victoria Liv Museum Host +4535323465 E-mail
Madsen, Ida Junker Student   E-mail
Madsen, Jesper Johannes Research Staff Ringing Section +4535321097 E-mail
Madsen, Karsten Ølgaard Academic Officer Host manager and science communicator +4535332755 E-mail
Madsen, Martin Appiah Service Staff +4535332432 E-mail
Magee, Michael Joseph Academic Staff +4535333916 E-mail
Martinsen, Marie Senior Consultant with personnel management Head of Finance +4528752687 E-mail
Meltofte, Hans Guest Researcher   E-mail
Menne, Tammes Volunteer Fish, zoology in general +4522115922 E-mail
Messamah, Branwen Academic Research Staff +4535323759 E-mail
Michelsen, Verner Associate Professor Emeritus Diptera +4535321105 E-mail
Mikkelsen, Julie Berg Student +4535331289 E-mail
Mikkelsen, Mads Bo Schear Deputy Museum Director Finance and Operations +4593509229 E-mail
Mogensen, Noah Mathias Volunteer   E-mail
Mollerup, Valdemar Ingemann Museum Host +4535337797 E-mail
Mortensen, Jan Peter Janitor +4535337877 E-mail
Muusmann, Christoffer Academic Research Staff Exhibitions and Interpretation Manager +4535330585 E-mail
Møller, Peter Rask Associate Professor, Curator Fishes, aquatic biology +4535321070 E-mail
Mørch, Rikke Sanderhoff Head of Communication and Fundrasing +4530506621 E-mail
Mørk, Nicole Voss Student   E-mail
Nasir Ali, Asghar Ali Attendant OAO   E-mail
Nielsen, Claus Professor Emeritus Animal evolution +4523987764 E-mail
Nielsen, Freja Frendved Student Assistant +4535331896 E-mail
Nielsen, Jørgen Associate Professor Emeritus Ichtyology +4535321069 E-mail
Nielsen, Kim Berchon Skilled Worker +4535334130 E-mail
Nielsen, Kristian Bondo Museum Host   E-mail
Nielsen, Peter Volunteer   E-mail
Nielsen, Ruth Associate Professor Emerita Macroalgae +4535322185 E-mail
Nissen, Magnus Bondo Student   E-mail
Nolsøe, Marie Jensen Student   E-mail
Nyberg, Benjamin Taylor Enrolled PhD Student +4535329880 E-mail
Nymann, Hanne Academic Officer +4535328247 E-mail
Olesen, Anna Karoline Junker PhD Student Toxic marine diatoms +4535334686 E-mail
Olesen, Jørgen Associate Professor, Curator Crustacean evolution and systematics +4535321045 E-mail
Olsen, Jimmy Oluf Gardener Greenhouse +4528752246 E-mail
Olsen, Maja Lehn Student Assistant +4535337608 E-mail
Olskær, Matilde Lund Student Assistant +4535331915 E-mail
Olskær, Matilde Lund Volunteer +4535331915 E-mail
Opgenorth, Michael Lee Enrolled PhD Student   E-mail
Palumbo, Bethany Gina Senior Consultant with personnel management +4593563618 E-mail
Pape, Thomas Associate Professor Zoology +4535321106 E-mail
Papp, Zsuzsanna IT Officer +4535332758 E-mail
Paterson, Liberty Manette Project Manager Exhibitions and sustainability +4535335277 E-mail
Pavesi, Laura Senior Consultant with personnel management Aschelminthes, Cnidarians and Poriferans +4535321179 E-mail
Pedersen, Alex Arvad Gardener +4531675297 E-mail
Pedersen, Asger Ken Associate Professor Emeritus Petrology +4535322360 E-mail
Pedersen, Henrik Ærenlund Volunteer Orchids +4540127338 E-mail
Pedersen, Jan Collection Staff Spiders and Myriapods +4535321108 E-mail
Pedersen, Mia Lindegaard Ranger +4561305005 E-mail
Pedersen, Signe Dalbæk Mejlvang Museum Host   E-mail
Pedersen, Signe Lützau Special Consultant +4535327144 E-mail
Pelczynska, Alicja Beata PhD Student   E-mail
Perkovsky, Evgeny Postdoc +4535336868 E-mail
Petersen, Jens Henrik Volunteer   E-mail
Petersen, Niels Riis Gardener +4535321347 E-mail
Post, Mikkel Høegh Collection Staff, Conservator Birds, Mammals and conservation Unit +4560741025 E-mail
Preisler, Caroline Administrative Officer   E-mail
Provencal, Philippe Volunteer   E-mail
Pucill, Lisa May Kokholm Student +4535322214 E-mail
Ramello, Gloria Academic Research Staff +4535329296 E-mail
Rasmussen, Finn N. Associate Professor Emeritus Orchids and amber plant fossils +4535322207 E-mail
Rasmussen, Jan Audun Liljeroth Guest Researcher   E-mail
Rastén, Simon Postdoc   E-mail
Reboleira, Ana Sofia Associate Professor Subterranean biology +4535334773 E-mail
Reyes Hernández, José Luis PhD Student Systematics of rove beetles   E-mail
Ring, Kathrine Hornsyld Administrative Officer +4535329528 E-mail
Riordan, Laura Rovsing Volunteer +4571792274
Rittenhofer, Iben Haahr Student +4535324156 E-mail
Romdal, Tom Skovlund Academic Research Staff +4535324588 E-mail
Rosenlund, Knud Volunteer +4551890346 E-mail
Rubæk, Birgitte Project Manager Exhibitions and Interpretation Manager +4530506610 E-mail
Rude, Caroline Administrative Officer   E-mail
Ryding, Olof Emeritus +4535322204 E-mail
Rytter, Maria Academic Research Staff Academic employee +4524851422 E-mail
Rønkel, Per Janitor +4551330614 E-mail
Rønsted, Nina Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Scharff, Nikolaj Professor Research and Collections +4535321107 E-mail
Scherz, Mark D. Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535324655 E-mail
Schiøtte, Tom Collection Staff Mollusca, Echinodermata, Tunicata, Tentaculata +4535321048 E-mail
Schjøth, Melena Administrative Officer +4535324898 E-mail
Schlosser, Malte Storm Lau Student Assistant +4535331687 E-mail
Schrøder, Ane Elise No job title VIP   E-mail
Schultz, Anders Peter Special Consultant +4523811440 E-mail
Schunck, Asta Berenth Student +4535330126 E-mail
Schwarzhans, Werner Associate Professor Emeritus   E-mail
Seberg, Ole Professor Emeritus +4535322195 E-mail
Selvantharan, Sree Gayathree Academic Research Staff Amber collection, Project assistant +4535321104 E-mail
Shaw, Joshua Max Jenkins External +4531314286 E-mail
Singh, Bhupjit Special Consultant +4535337741 E-mail
Sjøgren, Toke Due Student Assistant   E-mail
Skaarup, Sandra Juul Administrative Officer +4535327105 E-mail
Skov, Stine Student Assistant +4535331930 E-mail
Slagor, Augusta Irene Bach Student Assistant   E-mail
Soelberg, Jens Academic Staff +4535336617 E-mail
Sokkelund, Karen Mohr Trainee   E-mail
Solodovnikov, Alexey Associate Professor, Curator Rove beetle systematics +4535321109 E-mail
Steeman, Fedor IT Officer Research Data Management Supporter +4522369539 E-mail
Steeman, Mette Elstrup External Consultant   E-mail
Steenstrup Pedersen, Kim Head of Section Digital Collections +4535321455 E-mail
Stenz, Sara Inunnguaq Kleist Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Storey, Michael Head of Section Geology +4535334477 E-mail
Stouge, Svend Professor Emeritus Paleontology +4531316264 E-mail
Struve, Olivia Trude Visiting Student   E-mail
Størk-Hansen, Britt HR Consultant HR-konsulent for Statens Naturhistoriske Museum +4535320842 E-mail
Suhr, August Otto Reinholdt Student   E-mail
Sun, Haoran Visiting Student   E-mail
Sunesen-Laursen, Mika Christina Student Assistant +4535334859 E-mail
Svendsen, Sarah Hagel Academic Staff +4535331470 E-mail
Svensgaard, Julie Student Assistant   E-mail
Sylvestersen, René Lyng External   E-mail
Sørensen, Johan Mølgård PhD Student Coral reef fish and eDNA metabarcoding   E-mail
Sørensen, Martin Vinther Associate Professor, Curator Mikroinvertebrat taxonomy og systematik +4535321081 E-mail
Talayhan, Rahim Attendant OAO +4535332291 E-mail
Teglhus, Frederik Wolff Nisbeth Photographer   E-mail
Thomsen, Clara Gråfelt Museum Host   E-mail
Thornval, Inga Marie Head of Buildings and Operations +4522815706 E-mail
Thrane, Christian Attendant FU   E-mail
Thunø, Tina Academic Staff Museum Registrar +4535326204 E-mail
Trolle, Mogens Communications Staff Wine & Science, events, activities +4535321015 E-mail
Tøttrup, Anders P. Deputy Museum Director Education and Partnerships +4551826988 E-mail
Uhrbrand, Olivia Friis Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Ungermand, Ann-Kathrine Student Assistant   E-mail
Urup, Line Overgaard Student   E-mail
Vandborg, Christina Egeris Marketing Manager +4523712639 E-mail
Varpe, Madelen Administrative Officer +4535329318 E-mail
Verdich, Jesper Uldall Volunteer   E-mail
Vilhelmsen, Lars Associate Professor, Curator Wasp systematics and evolution +4535321110 E-mail
Wang, Bjarne Grønbak Volunteer +4535322238 E-mail
Wenning, Sophie Dalsgaard Procurement Officer +4535336743 E-mail
Whitley, Brandon Samuel PhD Fellow +4535322466 E-mail
Wimmer, Christina Administrative Officer +4535327451 E-mail
Winters, Kerill Senior Consultant with personnel management Head of Exhibitions & Interpretation +4535334436 E-mail
Zamzam, Khaled Yahia Programmer +4535331861 E-mail
Zhao, Qinghao PhD Student   E-mail
de Vere, Natasha Louise Associate Professor - Promotion Programme Head of Section / Botany +4535324653 E-mail
van Gaver, Anastasia Marie F A Museum Conservator +4535327599 E-mail
van Witteloostuijn, Astrid Blok Academic Research Staff   E-mail