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Aaris-Sørensen, Kim Associate Professor Emeritus Quaternary zoology +4526141575 E-mail
Aarseth-Hansen, Martin Gardener Greenhouse +4529616051 E-mail
Amossen, Rasmus Lingnau Volunteer   E-mail
Andersen, Jens Gardener Outdoors +4528752237 E-mail
Andersen, Signe Agermose Mathiasen Administrative Officer +4535326987 E-mail
Andersen, Thilde Gardener FU +4593509406 E-mail
Baagøe, Hans J. Associate Professor Emeritus Mammals +4535321079 E-mail
Bach, Karen Collection Staff Vascular plants +4535322260 E-mail
Bashforth, Arden Roy Collection Staff +4524277912 E-mail
Bastholm, Gry Gardener Greenhouse +4523827937 E-mail
Biersma, Elisabeth Postdoc Arctic and Antarctic biogeography +4535330163 E-mail
Birkbak-Aslak, Christian Administrative Officer   E-mail
Blom, Stine Keibel Collection Assistant   E-mail
Borrisholt, Mads Gardener Outdoors +4535322234 E-mail
Brewer, Pip Special Consultant DaSSCO +4535334241 E-mail
Bruun-Lund, Sam Academic Research Staff +4522445903 E-mail
Calabuig, Isabel Project Manager DanBIF +4535321103 E-mail
Carl, Henrik Research Staff Fish, Invasive species +4535321124 E-mail
Castaño Sanchez, Andrea External   E-mail
Castellucci, Filippo PhD Student Spider taxonomy and ecology   E-mail
Christensen, Jakob Gardener FU   E-mail
Corfixen, Peer Steen Volunteer +4535322184 E-mail
Cotton, Laura Jane Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535322258 E-mail
Dey, Pritam PhD Student Tardigrade biogeography   E-mail
Dickinson, Noel Dakar PhD Student   E-mail
Dix, Sue Gardener Greenhouse +4528752244 E-mail
Drumm, Kirstine Guest Researcher +4535325697 E-mail
Ebbesen, Marina Glyngbo Volunteer   E-mail
Eibye-Jacobsen, Danny Collection Staff Worms and other orders, Crustaceans +4535321115 E-mail
Eilersen, Tonni Operations Manager Botanical Garden +4529612571 E-mail
Elvery, Hannah May Collection Assistant   E-mail
Enghoff, Henrik Professor Millipede taxonomy and evolution +4535321067 E-mail
Escalante, Abril Anguas PhD Student Yucatan kinorhynchs   E-mail
Ferreira, Vinicius Postdoc Beetles, Species diversification +4535322246 E-mail
Fihl, Zina Collection Staff, Conservator Minerals, Rocks and Meteorites +4535322312 E-mail
Fischer, Frederik Emil Leck Administrative Officer   E-mail
Fisher, Roberta May Academic Research Staff +4593509397 E-mail
Fjeldberg, Lejse Gardener Outdoors +4528751058 E-mail
Fjeldså, Jon Professor Emeritus Birds +4523812494 E-mail
Fredskov, Jytte Volunteer +4535321120 E-mail
Friis, Ib Professor Emeritus Higher plants +4535322197 E-mail
García Portela, María Postdoc Marine microalgae, dinoflagellates +4535323802 E-mail
Geisler, Lucas External   E-mail
Gomes, Gomis Collection Assistant   E-mail
Graham, Chelsea Alene Academic Research Staff +4535323575 E-mail
Gregersen, Troels Research Assistant +4535323976 E-mail
Haahr, Joshua Emil Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Hald, Niels Associate Professor Emeritus Petrology +4535322372 E-mail
Hansen, Anne Hjortlund Student Assistant   E-mail
Hansen, Aslak Kappel Postdoc Beetles, Biogeography, Speciation +4535333421 E-mail
Hansen, Charlotte Laboratory Technician EvoGenomics +4528752199 E-mail
Hansen, Eric Steen Associate Professor Emeritus Lichen +4535322189 E-mail
Hansen, Hans Vilhelm Associate Professor Emeritus Flowering plants, particularly herbs +4535322226 E-mail
Hansen, Jens Søgaard External   E-mail
Hansen, Jesper Guldberg Volunteer +4535321116 E-mail
Hart Reeve, Andrew External +4535331429 E-mail
Havmøller, Linnea Worsøe PhD Student Carnivore ecology & dispersal   E-mail
Havmøller, Rasmus Worsøe Postdoc Movement ecology, population genetics and conservation +4535321459 E-mail
Herrmann, Maria Postdoc Meiofauna, Kinorhyncha (mud dragons), morphology   E-mail
Holmstrup, Emil Lau Student Assistant   E-mail
Holst, Rainer P. Gardener Oudoors +4535322234 E-mail
Hosner, Peter Andrew Assistant Professor Avian biogeography & evolution +4535331804 E-mail
Høegh-Guldberg, Caroline Amalie Student FU   E-mail
Illum, Anders Alexander Collection Staff +4535334178 E-mail
Isager Ahl, Louise Postdoc +4535335975 E-mail
Iwanycki Ahlstrand, Natalie Eva Academic Research Staff +4535331621 E-mail
Jensen, Kathe Associate Professor Emerita Molluscs, cephalopods +4535321083 E-mail
Jensen, Torsten Myhre Collection Staff   E-mail
Johansson, Daniel Klingberg Collection Staff Mammals and Amphibians +4535321079 E-mail
Juul, Magne Paulli Gardener FU   E-mail
Jønsson, Knud Andreas Associate Professor Ecology, evolution and systematics of birds +4522320463 E-mail
Jørgensen, Tina Research Assistant +4535325527 E-mail
Jørum, Palle Volunteer   E-mail
Kaddatz, Lynn Gardener FU +4593565954 E-mail
Karsholt, Ole Volunteer +4535321111 E-mail
Kennedy, Jonathan David External +45+447774363908 E-mail
Kietz, Tom Gardener Trainee   E-mail
Kisbye, Sarah Volunteer +4535337660
Knudsen, Steen Wilhelm Guest Researcher Fish, evolution, DNA   E-mail
Krag, Marcus Anders Collection Staff Fish +4535321046 E-mail
Krarup, Laura Richter Volunteer   E-mail
Kristensen, Reinhardt Møbjerg Professor Emeritus Tardigrada, Loricifera, meiofauna +4530121163 E-mail
Kristensen, Sven Sigvald Volunteer   E-mail
Kræmer, Line Project Officer +4535332878 E-mail
Lange, Christian Collection Staff Fungi, Algae and Lichens +4535321013 E-mail
Larsen, Daniel Ellerød Project Manager   E-mail
Larsen, Jonas Colling Academic Research Staff +4593565922 E-mail
Lausten, Mikkel Research Staff Administrative assistant, ringing section +4535321029 E-mail
Leerhøi, Frederik Academic Research Staff +4535330312 E-mail
Legind, Jan Krzysztof Data Manager +4535321510 E-mail
Letana, Socrates PhD Student Calyptrate flies: phylogeny and evolution   E-mail
Lillemark, Marie Rathcke Academic Research Staff +4593565729 E-mail
Lilleøre, Maria Raarup Collection Assistant   E-mail
Lindow, Bent Erik Kramer Collection Staff Collection manager vertebrate palaeontology +4520570896 E-mail
Lundholm, Nina Associate Professor, Curator Protists, evolution and biology +4535322282 E-mail
Lykke, Niels Volunteer   E-mail
Madison, Paige Postdoc Human evolution +4591827630 E-mail
Madsen, Ida Junker Volunteer   E-mail
Madsen, Jesper Johannes Research Staff Ringing Section +4535321097 E-mail
Menne, Tammes Historical Employment Fish, zoology in general +4522115922 E-mail
Michelsen, Verner Volunteer Diptera +4535321105 E-mail
Møller, Peter Rask Associate Professor, Curator Fishes, aquatic biology +4535321070 E-mail
Nielsen, Claus Professor Emeritus Animal evolution +4523987764 E-mail
Nielsen, Jørgen Associate Professor Emeritus Ichtyology +4535321069 E-mail
Nielsen, Peter Volunteer   E-mail
Nielsen, Ruth Associate Professor Emerita Macroalgae +4535322185 E-mail
Nyberg, Ben PhD Student Drones in plant biodiversity and conservation   E-mail
Olesen, Anna Karoline Junker PhD Student Toxic marine diatoms +4535334686 E-mail
Olesen, Jørgen Associate Professor, Curator Crustacean evolution and systematics +4535321045 E-mail
Olsen, Jimmy Oluf Gardener Greenhouse +4528752246 E-mail
Palumbo, Bethany Gina Senior Consultant with personnel management +4535325789 E-mail
Pape, Thomas Head of Section Zoology +4535321106 E-mail
Papp, Zsuzsanna IT Officer +4535332758 E-mail
Pavesi, Laura Collection Staff Aschelminthes, Cnidarians and Poriferans +4535321179 E-mail
Pedersen, Alex Arvad Gardener +4531675297 E-mail
Pedersen, Asger Ken Associate Professor Emeritus Petrology +4535322360 E-mail
Pedersen, Bo Vest Associate Professor Emeritus Nematocera +4526811342 E-mail
Pedersen, Jan Collection Staff Spiders and Myriapods +4535321108 E-mail
Pedersen, Terry Overgaard Volunteer   E-mail
Peters, Nina Hall Collection Assistant   E-mail
Petersen, Jens Henrik Volunteer   E-mail
Post, Mikkel Høegh Collection Staff, Conservator Birds, Mammals and quaternary zoology +4560741025 E-mail
Provencal, Philippe Volunteer   E-mail
Rasmussen, Finn N. Associate Professor Emeritus Orchids and amber plant fossils +4535322207 E-mail
Rasmussen, Jan Audun Liljeroth Guest Researcher   E-mail
Reboleira, Ana Sofia Associate Professor Subterranean biology +4535334773 E-mail
Reyes Hernández, José Luis PhD Student Systematics of rove beetles   E-mail
Riordan, Laura Rovsing Volunteer +4571792274
Romdal, Tom Skovlund Academic Research Staff +4535324588 E-mail
Rosenlund, Knud Volunteer +4551890346 E-mail
Rosenmeier, Sarah Gardener Trainee   E-mail
Ryding, Olof Collection Staff Vascular plants +4535322204 E-mail
Rytter, Maria Academic Research Staff Academic employee +4524851422 E-mail
Rønfeldt, Jacob Linnemann Research Assistant +4535337309 E-mail
Rønsted, Nina Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Scharff, Nikolaj Professor Research and Collections +4535321107 E-mail
Scherz, Mark D. Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535324655 E-mail
Schiøtte, Tom Collection Staff Mollusca, Echinodermata, Tunicata, Tentaculata +4535321048 E-mail
Schrøder, Ane Elise PhD Student Eocene fossil fishes   E-mail
Schunck, Asta Berenth Student +4535330126 E-mail
Seberg, Ole Professor Emeritus +4535322195 E-mail
Seierstad, Inger Kathrine Academic Research Staff +4535325196 E-mail
Selvantharan, Sree Gayathree Academic Research Staff Amber collection, Project assistant +4535321104 E-mail
Shaw, Joshua Max Jenkins Postdoc Rove beetle systematics +4531314286 E-mail
Solodovnikov, Alexey Associate Professor, Curator Rove beetle systematics +4535321109 E-mail
Steeman, Fedor IT Officer Research Data Management Supporter +4522369539 E-mail
Steeman, Mette Elstrup External Consultant   E-mail
Steenstrup Pedersen, Kim Head of Section Digital Collections +4535321455 E-mail
Storey, Michael Head of Section Geology +4535334477 E-mail
Stouge, Svend Professor Emeritus Paleontology +4531316264 E-mail
Svenningsen, Cecilie Skræp Postdoc Insects, citizen science and DNA metabarcoding +4535336392 E-mail
Sylvestersen, René Lyng External   E-mail
Sørensen, Johan Mølgård PhD Student Coral reef fish and eDNA metabarcoding   E-mail
Sørensen, Martin Vinther Associate Professor, Curator Mikroinvertebrat taxonomy og systematik +4535321081 E-mail
Tams, Thomas Malthe Mølgaard Student   E-mail
Thunø, Tina Academic Staff Registrar +4535326204 E-mail
Tøttrup, Anders P. Deputy Museum Director Education and Partnerships +4551826988 E-mail
Venning, Michael Dawila Volunteer   E-mail
Verdich, Jesper Uldall Volunteer   E-mail
Viinanen, Sidsel Fie Volunteer   E-mail
Vilhelmsen, Flemming Ernst Volunteer   E-mail
Vilhelmsen, Lars Associate Professor, Curator Wasp systematics and evolution +4535321110 E-mail
Walsh, Seana Kasey PhD Student Hawaiian plant conservation   E-mail
Wang, Bjarne Grønbak Carpenter +4535322238 E-mail
Wolkis, Dustin Matthew PhD Student Seed storage behavior   E-mail
Wynns, Justin Thomas Academic Research Staff   E-mail
Zhao, QingHao External, Ph.d Student   E-mail
de Vere, Natasha Louise Associate Professor Head of Section / Botany +4535324653 E-mail
van Witteloostuijn, Astrid Blok Academic Research Staff   E-mail