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NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Bach, KarenCollection staff Vascular plants +45 353-22260E-mail
Barham, Frank E.Collection staff Vascular plants +45 353-30831E-mail
Calabuig, IsabelProject manager DanBIF +45 353-21103E-mail
Connelly, JamesProfessor Professor +45 353-22339E-mail
Eibye-Jacobsen, DannyCollection staff Worms and other orders, Crustaceans +45 353-21115E-mail
Enghoff, HenrikProfessor, curator Myriapoda, Heteroptera; DanBIF, SYNTHESYS +45 353-21067E-mail
Fihl, ZinaCollection staff, taxidermist Minerals, Rocks and Meteorites +45 353-22312E-mail
Gregersen, Kristian MurphyPreservation specialist Conservator at "Centre for Geogenetics" og "The Quaternary Zoology Collections" +45 24 80 47 69E-mail
Illum, Anders AlexanderAcademic staff Academic officer, collection and SEM technician +45 353-34178E-mail
Jakobsen, Sten LennartCollection staff, taxidermist Invertebrate palaeontology +45 353-22332E-mail
Johansson, Daniel KlingbergCollection staff Mammals and Amphibians +45 353-21079E-mail
Kjær, Kurt H.Professor Professor, +45 353-22374E-mail
Krag, Marcus AndersCollection staff Fish +45 353-21046E-mail
Kristensen, Jan BoldingCollection staff Birds +45 353-21032E-mail
Kristensen, Reinhardt MøbjergProfessor, curator Tardigrada, Loricifera, Cycliophora, Micrognathozoa, Arctic Station +45 353-21118E-mail
Lange, ChristianCollection staff Fungi, Algae and Lichens +45 353-21013E-mail
Lindow, Bent Erik KramerCollection staff Collection manager vertebrate palaeontology +45 20 57 08 96E-mail
Lorenzen, ElineAssociate professor, curator Associate Professor, Curator of Mammalogy +45 353-21225E-mail
Lundholm, NinaAssociate professor, curator Diversity, evolution and ecology of algae, curator of algae, mosses and lichens +45 353-22282E-mail
Møller, Peter RaskAssociate professor  +45 353-21070E-mail
Olesen, JørgenAssociate professor, curator Curator, crustaceans, fresh water, marine +45 353-21045E-mail
Olsen, Morten TangeAssistant professor Tenure track ass. professor +45 42 66 15 25E-mail
Pape, ThomasAssociate professor, curator Diptera, Head of Entomology +45 353-21106E-mail
Pavesi, LauraCollection staff Aschelminthes, Cnidarians and Poriferans +45 353-21179E-mail
Pedersen, JanCollection staff Spiders and Myriapods +45 353-21108E-mail
Post, Mikkel HøeghCollection staff, taxidermist Birds, Mammals and Insects +45 60 74 10 25E-mail
Ryding, OlofAcademic employee   E-mail
Ryding, OlofCollection staff Vascular plants +45 353-22204E-mail
Rønsted, NinaProfessor Professor at EvoGenomics +45 23 81 12 03E-mail
Scharff, NikolajHead of collections, curator Spiders, mites and other orders +45 353-21107E-mail
Schiøtte, TomCollection staff Mollusca, Echinodermata, Tunicata, Tentaculata +45 353-21048E-mail
Selvantharan, Sree GayathreeCollection staff Coleoptera, Marie Curie ITN administration +45 353-21104E-mail
Solodovnikov, AlexeyAssociate professor, curator Coleoptera +45 353-21109E-mail
Stein, MartinData manager Collections data, Specify +45 353-36954E-mail
Sørensen, Martin VintherAssociate professor, curator Microscopic invertebrates. Curator of Kinorhyncha, Priapulida, Loricifera, Nematoda, Porifera and Cnidaria +45 353-21081E-mail
Thorup, KasperAssociate professor, head of ringing centre Head of ringing section, biodiversitet +45 353-21051E-mail
Tøttrup, Majken ThemCollections coordinator Responsible for the collection management +45 40 49 89 35E-mail
Vilhelmsen, LarsAssociate professor, curator Hymenoptera +45 353-21110E-mail