24 January 2018

Arctic Nature and Society

New arctic course

The aim of this course is to provide a broad introduction to the natural and cultural history and evolution of the Arctic combined with a modern perspective on arctic societies and their livelihood. During the course we will explore topics and case studies within biology, geology, geography, archaeology, and anthropology, as well as the region’s modern history, political development and options for the future.

We are the Arctic
the spark inside is wild
It's in the spark inside
it's in our souls tonight
it's in the northern lights
it's in the Arctic

Lyrics from the official song for the Arctic Winter Games held in Nuuk 2016.

The course Arctic Nature and Society

  • will seek to understand the "We" of the Arctic. Who are the Arctic peoples? What do they do? What do they dream about?
  • will unravel the natural world of the Arctic. How did it evolve? What are life conditions like? What resources are at hand? How can they be used in the future?
  • will study the effects of global warming in the Arctic. 
  • will provide insights into Greenlandic politics, economy and sociology.
  • will be interdisciplinary, case oriented, and involving in its approach
  • will be presented by scholars, artists, diplomats, and students from many disciplines 
  • will take place in The Natural History Museum by the Botanical Garden, in the Government of Greenlands embassy and other Arctic related venues in Copenhagen

Among the teacher you will find Eske Willerslev, Minik Rosing, Katherine Richardson, Aviaja Haubtmann, Bo Elberling, Kurt H. Kjær, Nils Wang, Frank Sejersen, Nina Lundholm, Lars Stemmerik, Bjarne Grønnow and many others with insight and overview.


Arctic Nature and Society, A master level semester course open for every body. In English. First lecture 23. april, final oral examn in week 26 (25.-29. june), mondays 1 to 4 PM, wedensdays 9 AM to 4 PM. Lectures, excursions, workshops, discussions. 7,5 ECTS, fee: 6375 kr. for non enrolled -KU students, no payment for KU students (including exchange students and self-paying student).

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Arctic Nature and Society is offered in accordance with the rules governing part-time education. This means that anybody can apply to attend the course subject that fulfills the admission requirements and subject to availability, and providing you pay the tuition fees. Read more.


For enrolled self-paying students: 10. March
For enrolled exchange students: 29. April
For ordinary KU-students: 17. April (eftertilmelding, blok 4)