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People's Choice Award

The Audience Award in the photo competition
Wildlife Photographer of the Year

THE WINNER HAS BEEN FOUNDThe international photography competition Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the world's largest of its kind, and again this year the 100 best images of nature and wildlife can be experienced at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. In addition to the exhibited images chosen by a professional jury, the Natural History Museum in London nominates a further 25 images for a global public vote, and the winner of the coveted audience prize, the People's Choice Award, has now been found.

It was German photographer Sascha Fonseca who won the audience prize in Wildlife Photographer of the Year with his photograph of a snow leopard sacnning for prey between the peaks of the Ladakh mountains in India. Sascha's picture of the snow leopard posing against the beautiful sky received the most votes from the total of 60,000 animal and nature enthusiasts who took part in the vote.

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World of the snow leopard
'World of the snow leopard' by Sascha Fonseca, Germany ©
WINNER of People's Choice Award

A snow leopard scans for prey among the rugged peaks of the Ladakh mountains in India. The winning image was taken during a three-year bait-free camera-trap project high up in the Indian Himalayas, where photographer Sascha Fonseca's camera trap captured the very shy snow leopard in the perfect pose against the beautiful sky.

Sascha has been fascinated by animals since childhood and he started doing photography in 2013. He now travels to remote places like Ladakh with the hope of capturing photos of the big cats. He specializes in camera traps, which allow him to capture close-up images of wildlife that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

The snow leopard's fur means that it is easily camouflaged against its rocky, snow-covered surroundings, and this, combined with the fact that it is most active at dawn and dusk, makes it very difficult to spot. Sightings of snow leopards are therefore extremely rare and occur mostly in winter when they descend from the mountains to hunt. So camera traps are indispensable for nature photographers' work.

Hyena highway
'Hyena highway' by Sam Rowley, UK ©

A spotted hyena wanders down the highway looking for roadkill in Harar, Ethiopia. In the distance, its pack forges ahead.

Among the flowers
'Among the flowers' by Martin Gregus, Canada ©

A polar bear cub plays among a mass of purple flowers before checking for its mother in Hudson Bay, Canada.

That’s the spot!
'That’s the spot!' by Richard Flack, South Africa ©

A crested guinea fowl scratches another bird’s head with its beak in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

Fishing for glass eels
'Fishing for glass eels' by Eladio Fernandez, Dominican Republic ©

Hundreds of fishers catch glass eels by torchlight in the Dominican Republic. Unregulated overfishing is pushing eel populations into steep decline.

A golden huddle
'A golden huddle' by Minqiang Lu, China ©

Three endangered golden snub-nosed monkeys huddle together in the extreme cold of the Qinling Mountains, China.

Caribbean crèche
'Caribbean crèche' by Claudio Contreras Koob, Mexico ©

Caribbean flamingos guard their colony of grey chicks in Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, Mexico.

Wasp attack
'Wasp attack' by Roberto García Roa, Spain ©

A pompilid wasp checks if it has successfully paralysed its spider prey in the Tambopata jungle, Peru.

Unlucky for the cat
'Unlucky for the cat' by Sebastian Kennerknecht, USA ©

Considered good luck for the fertility of livestock, a stuffed endangered Andean cat hangs in a shed in the Andes Mountains, Argentina.

The elusive golden cat
'The elusive golden cat' by Sebastian Kennerknecht, USA ©

A rare African golden cat, known as Africa’s ghost cat, investigates a camera trap in KibaleNational Park, Uganda.

The frog with the ruby eyes
'The frog with the ruby eyes' by Jaime Culebras, Spain ©

An endangered Mindo glass frog sits quietly on a leaf. As a result of habitat loss, these frogs now only exist in the Río Manduriacu Reserve, Ecuador.

Caught by the cat
'Caught by the cat' by Michał Michlewicz, Poland ©

A snow-dusted cat enters a barn carrying a freshly caught common chaffinch in Radolinek, Poland.

Head to head
'Head to head' by Miquel Angel Artús Illana, Spain©

Two female muskoxen fight in Norway’s Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park. The battle was ‘short but intense’.

Covid litter
'Covid litter

' by Auke-Florian Hiemstra, Spain ©

A young perch is found caught in the thumb of a discarded surgical glove in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Life and art
'Life and art' by Eduardo Blanco Mendizabal, Spain ©

A gecko hunts for food, scurrying over a lifelike cat mural in Corella, Spain.

Red and yellow
'Red and yellow' by Chloé Bès, France ©

The red-dotted yellow beak and piercing stare of a glaucous-winged gull stands out against its snowy surroundings in Hokkaido, Japan.

Holding on
'Holding on' by Igor Altuna, Spain ©

A leopard carries its prey  a dead baboon  as its still-alive infant clings on, in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia.

Heads or tails?
'Heads or tails? ' by Jodi Frediani, USA ©

Two adult northern right dolphins follow the silvery tail of a younger dolphin in Monterey Bay, California.

Portrait of Olobor
'Portrait of Olobor' by Marina Cano, Spain ©

Olobor, a famous lion from the Black Rock pride in Kenya’s Maasai Mara, takes a rest.

Coastline wolf
'Coastline wolf' by Bertie Gregory, UK ©

A coastal grey wolf patrols the mudflats in Vancouver Island, Canada. Sadly, a resident later killed it.

Night encounter
'Night encounter' by Sami Vartiainen, Finland ©

Photographer Sami is observed by a badger close to its sett in a forest near Helsinki, Finland.

Snowshoe hare stare
'Snowshoe hare stare' by Deena Sveinsson, USA ©

A camouflaged snowshoe hare stares directly into the camera in the Rocky Mountain National Park, USA.

Fox affection
'Fox affection' by Brittany Crossman, Canada ©

A pair of red foxes greet one another with a nuzzle on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

A tight grip
'A tight grip' by Nicholas More, UK ©

A male Bargibant’s seahorse grips a pink sea fan coral with its tail while carrying its unborn fry in Bali, Indonesia.

A fox’s tale
'A fox’s tale' by Simon Withyman, UK ©

A young red fox, badly injured by plastic fencing from a building site, carries a chicken leg in Bristol, UK.