T. rex Junior - Casper

Meet T. rex Junior

21 APRIL – 31 DECEMBER 2021


Fearsome carnivorous dinosaurs were also young once. The Natural History Museum of Denmark has a visit from Casper – a young Tyrannosaurus rex. Make sure to experience the rare skull of the about seven-year-old T. rex side by side with the full-grown T. rex,, Tristan Otto, in the exhibition 'King of Dinosaurs'.

Everything about the Tyrannosaurus rex was incredible. When growing, they gained up to 1.5 kg a day and went from being the size of a large pigeon as a newly hatched "baby" to being the size of a large truck in just 25 years. The young T. rex,, Casper, was a juvenile of no more than 250 – 300 kg at the time of his death, which makes him an extremely rare discovery.

There are very few dinosaur fossils of Tyrannosaurus rex, and even fewer of T. rex as a young animal. Casper is among the three best-preserved in the world, and 'King of Dinosaurs' is an unique opportunity to see both a full-grown and a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex exhibited side by side.

T. rex-ungen Casper og museumsdirektør Peter C. Kjærgaar
Image caption: Museum Director Peter C. Kjærgaard is studying the young T. rex, Casper. You can recognise a young Tyrannosaurus rex on the slender skull and the number of teeth in its mouth. The young have 38 teeth while a full-grown adult only has 32. The animal did not develop its strong head and forceful bite until it was about 13 years old.


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The T. rex-cub, Casper, is generously lent to us by a private collector. Casper is named after the owner's son.

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