Tristan Otto

King of Dinosaurs

19 JUNE 2020 – 31 DECEMBER 2021 

Øster Voldgade 5 - 7, 1350 Copenhagen K

EXHIBITION66 million years old, 4 metres high, 12 metres long and with almost all its terrifying teeth intact: Tristan Otto, the king of the dinosaurs, is in Copenhagen and give you the chance to get up close with one of the world's most complete Tyrannosaurus rex fossils. Tristan Otto is the centre of one of the museum's most spectacular exhibitions to date, where he is showcased alongside other unique dinosaur specimens.

The exhibition King of Dinosaurs focuses on the relationship between predator and prey. The centrepiece is Tristan Otto – one of the world’s most spectacular Tyrannosaurus rex fossils and the most infamous predator of all time. Through him, and a number of other unique dinosaur fossils, the story of Earth’s past, present and future unfolds.

King of Dinosaurs is also the story of how a dominant group of animals ended up extinct. The exhibition reminds us how special life on our blue planet is, and how we, as humans, have influenced that life. In contrast to the dinosaurs, we have the means to stop and reverse the negative development, and thus avoid a sixth mass extinction.

Go face to face with one of the most infamous predators of all time

Tristan Ottos kranium
Tristan Otto's black skull has a unique degree of perfection and consists of 92% original material – including almost all its terrifying teeth. The skull is showcased at eye level in its own display. Do not miss the opportunity to come face to face with one of the most infamous predators of all time and to study the amazing details of the skull. Photographer: Frederik Wolff Teglhus, Natural History Museum of Denmark ©

A new addition to the family:
Meet Casper – a young T. rex

Casper - en ung T. rex

The rare skull of the approx. 7-year-old juvenile T. rex, Casper, is among the best preserved in the world and is now exhibited side by side with the fully grown Tristan Otto.

Highlights in the exhibition

  • Tristan Otto – one of the most complete Tyrannosaurus rex fossils in the world.

  • Casper – a rare skull of a young T. rex

  • Triceratops skull – with its distinctive neck collar and equipped with deadly horns and a sharp beak, this heavy herbivore has been a challenging prey for Tyrannosaurus rex.

  • Allosaurus – a predator with razor-sharp teeth that, like the rex, ran on the hind legs, and was at the top of the food chain. The Allosaur lived in an earlier age, and had jaws with wide gape adapted for high-impact, slashing bites carving away the flesh of prey.

  • Nanosaurus – a successful plant eater. The skull that belongs to this specimen is the most intact Nanosaurus skull in the world.

  • Deinonychus – the source of inspiration for the raptors from the Jurassic Park movies. The name Deinonychus is Greek and means 'horrifying claw'.

  • Zephyrosaurus – a perfect mouthful for a Deinonychus.

  • Crocodile, spotted hyena and clouded leopard – meet some of the killers who rule today, and see what superpowers unite history's most successful predators.

  • Ferocious beauty – embark on a digital journey through the skeleton of Tristan Otto. Based on a 3D scan of the T. rex fossil, we have created an eight meters wide and three meters high artistic projection which gives completely new perspectives on the skeleton.

  • Dino Workshop – opens later this year: Walk in the dinosaur hunter's footsteps and learn to recognize a dinosaur fossil from an ordinary rock while studying real objects from the museum's collections under our microEYE microscope. The museum's Dino Workshop invites the whole family to sit together and do skeleton puzzles, play games, draw and learn about the creatures of the past.


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Facts about Tristan Otto

Danish-owned Tristan Otto was excavated in Montana, USA, in 2010 and has been on display at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin for the past four years.

An almost complete Tyrannosaurus rex fossil is extremely rare, since only about 50 specimens of the T. rex have been found from 1902 until today. Not one has been 100% intact, but with its 170 original bones out of the roughly 300 parts in the skeleton, Tristan Otto is one of the world's most complete fossils.

Video: Teaser

Video: Triceratops moves in

Press photos


The dinosaurs are generously lent by Niels Nielsen, Jens Peter Jensen and a private collector.

Tristan Otto's journey

A camera crew has followed the people who have been a part of the T. rex Tristan Otto’s journey to Copenhagen – from the Head of Exhibition in Berlin and the driver of the dinosaur transporter, to the curator at the Natural History Museum of Denmark. The outcome is a series of personal anecdotes. And there are more videos to come…

Video: Start a conversation

Video: Bye, bye Tristan Otto

Video: Tristan Otto in Berlin

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