Billede af Sommerfuglehuset i Botanisk Have

The Butterfly House in the Botanical Garden

Open in the summer
16 April – 20 October 2024


The Butterfly House is a part of the Palm House complex, where we have created a fairytale setting in which you can experience the butterflies’ life and transformation up close. The living butterflies flutter amongst the orchids and vanilla plants during summer. Throughout the winter, you can still experience the spectacular botanical collection in the Palm House.

Billede af sommerfuglButterflies are beautiful and amazing and inspire enthusiasm everywhere. Their life cycle has fascinated artists, writers and scientists since Antiquity. They are textbook examples of millions of years of evolutionary history in interaction with plants and other animal species, where appearance and behavior are the results of constant adaptation to their surroundings.

Billede af pupper

As indicator species, the butterflies clearly show us how even tiny changes in life conditions, such as relatively small temperature fluctuations and lack of access to food, affect the population. Butterflies are very sensitive, and as a consequence they tell us directly if there is something wrong with nature.

In many parts of the world, the butterfly populations decrease drastically, and we are losing countless of animal and plant species with rapid speed. Humans play a crucial part in this matter and we must do something about it.

Billede af sommerfugl

With around 10,000 plant species, the Botanical Garden is a biodiversity hotspot, and an open and vibrant laboratory. The Botanical Garden is therefore the perfect place to use our living nature to convey knowledge, enthusiasm and understanding. At the Natural History Museum of Denmark, we wish to create a closer connection between people and nature.

Billede af sommerfuglIn recent years, the Botanical Garden has transformed the visitor experience for the better, where the Butterfly House is among the newest initiatives.


Natural History Museum of Denmark
The Palm House
in the
 Botanical Garden
Gothersgade 128
1123 Copenhagen K

Opening hours and admission


Adults: DKK 60
Children (3-17 years): DKK 40
Children (0-2 years): Free
Students (with student-ID): DKK 40
Season pass: Free entrance with a season pass to the museum

Tickets are bought at the Palm House in the Botanical Garden.

Suitcases and Bags

Please avoid bringing suitcases and large bags into the Palm House, including the Butterfly House.

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