The Danish Fauna

From mammoth steppe to cultural steppe

The giant mammoth is just one of the animals that you encounter on your journey through Denmark's prehistoric fauna. 

Model af uldhåret mammut i naturlig størrelse

The exhibition is a time travel through 20.000 years--from the steppe of the mammoth to the present-day cultural landscape.

Other unique finds in the exhibition include prehistoric animals like giant elk and aurochs.

Also shown are bones, crania, and antlers from roe, wild boar, and red deer found in Danish bogs and from dating 7-4.000 BC.

North Pole to South Pole

Ice, tundra, and pine forest

Begin your travel through the Earth's climatic zones in the Arctic. See how the animals on land and in the ice-filled water cope with the extreme climate. See musk oxen, seals and the colossal walrusses from Greenland. 

As you move south, the temperatures rise. See how life in different climates and habitats have adapted, and then move on through the rest of Earth's climate zones until you once again find yourself in icy surroundings in the Antarctic region.