Penguins at the Exhibition - North pole to south pole

North Pole to South Pole

The exhibition is open until 23 October, 2022.


The walruses of the Arctic, snow leopards from the Himalayas, rhinos from the rainforest and the wildlife of the Sahara: You will find yourself face to face with the wild animals of the earth’s diverse climatic zones in the exhibition North pole to South Pole. The animals are featured full-size in three-dimensional models of their natural environment.

Walrusses at the exhibition
Walrusses - Northwest Greenland. A group of three male walrusses is disturbed by the largest, who will - by his tusks - prevent a new male  from getting up on the ice.

This exhibition is the museum’s oldest. It is based on colourful ‘dioramas’ where the conservators of the museum minutely have recreated the landscapes and animals as they appear in real life. You will work your way through the world from north to south and experience the earth’s diverse climatic zones and the animals that inhabit them. See how the colossal walruses from Greenland survive in the icy waters and look at animals in milder climate zones such as capercaillie and lynx, before you make your way around to dancing cranes and the rhinos of the rainforest of Sumatra. You end up at the Antarctica where you will meet a colony of penguins.


Natural History Museum of Denmark
Zoological Museum
Universitetsparken 15
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Tlf: 22 83 63 55

NOTE: Due to elevator breakdown, wheelchair access is extremely limited. Wheelchairs must be less than 75 cm in width and 140 cm in depth.

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Snow leopard
Snow leopard - Himalaya
Sumatran Rhino - Udstillingen Fra Pol til Pol
Sumatran Rhino