29 APRIL 2022 – 19 FEBRUARY 2023

Øster Voldgade 5–7, Copenhagen

Face your past Come face to face with your closest extinct relatives, the Neanderthals. Based on recent research, this exhibition gives you a new and nuanced look at the Neanderthals, their lives and their meeting with modern human; an encounter that is still traceable in our own DNA today.

The Neanderthals prepared food from plants and used tools, they went fishing and hunting, they lived in social networks with strong family and friendship ties, they adorned themselves with seashells and took care of the sick and vulnerable. All of which we recognize from our own species Homo sapiens.

The exhibition challenges the stereotype of the Neanderthals as our primitive, prehistoric cousins. It invites you back in time to the world of Neanderthals, where you can experience both mammoth hunting, the safety of the shelter, and the daily routines of the family.

In this, a picture of the Neanderthals emerges as resourceful and capable of surviving in a world marked by great dangers and climate change. Nevertheless, around 40,000 years ago it was all over. The Neanderthals became extinct, just like approx. 23 other human species through time. Only we, Homo sapiens, are left and and must consider our next steps to secure our future on Earth.

Billeder af gæster til Neandertaler Billeder af gæster til Neandertaler Hulebjørn i udstillingen Neandertaler Billeder af gæster til Neandertaler Billeder af gæster til Neandertaler Billeder af gæster til Neandertaler

Björklunds smukke illustrationer af neandertalere kommer til live i udstillingenPhoto: Tom Björklund's beautiful illustrations of Neanderthals come to life in the exhibition.

Exhibition Highlights

  • The Lehringen spear – one of the world's best preserved wooden spears used for hunting 120.000 years ago and found in the chest cavity of a forest elephant

  • Mammoth skeleton – one of the Neanderthals' favorite hunting prey

  • Stone tools from the Neanderthals

  • The skeleton of a large cave bear and other Ice Age animals from Denmark's natural history collections

  • People of the Ice Age – workshop with activities for the whole family

The exhibition is generously supported by:

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Moesgaard Museum

The exhibition is developed in a collaboration between Moesgaard Museum and the Natural History Museum of Denmark.

This is the first time that these two major museums are working together to create a visitor experience completely out of the ordinary.

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