Ana Sofia Reboleira

Ana Sofia Reboleira


My research focuses on understanding life in subterranean ecosystems. I lead a research group that uses multidisciplinary approaches to study biodiversity, ecology, evolution, behaviour, ecotoxicology and conservation. From the shallow subterranean habitats to the deep subsurface biosphere and its relation with surface, towards the sustainability of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. I am also very interested in understanding parasite-host interactions, mostly linked with arthropod-fungi associations. 


Entomologi (with other staff members of the Section of Biosystematics; for 3rd or 4th year students in spring terms).

Feltbiologi II: Terrestrisk zoologi (with other staff members at the Section of Biosystematics). Mandatory course at the Kristiansminde Fieldstation. 

Villum Young Investigator: leading the research project HiddenRisk - Understanding the impacts of human activities in subterranean biodiversity.

Primære forskningsområder

Entomology, Ecology, Subterranean Biology

ID: 128188565