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Evolutionary Genomics

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Altenburger, AndreasPostdoc Post doc in gene expression of marine prodits +45 41 10 99 48E-mail
Baagøe, Hans J.Associate professor emeritus Lector emeritus at EvoGenomics +45 353-21079E-mail
Barnes, Christopher JamesPostdoc Postdoc. at GeoGenetics +45 353-37867E-mail
Bohmann, KristinePostdoc Postdoc at EvoGenomics +45 40 75 05 21E-mail
Bruun-Lund, SamPhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 22 44 59 03E-mail
Cappellini, EnricoAssociate professor, EvoGenomics Associate Professor at EvoGenomics +45 353-21338E-mail
Carl, HenrikAcademic staff Project employee, Fish, fish atlas, invasive fish species at EvoGenomics +45 353-21124E-mail
Eriksen, Anne MariePhD student PhD student at Tom Gilbert  E-mail
Fietz, KatharinaPhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 353-31180E-mail
Garrett Vieira, Filipe JorgePostdoc Postdoc at EvoGenomics +45 353-34099E-mail
Gilbert, TomProfessor Professor at EvoGenomics +45 23 71 25 19E-mail
Gopalakrishnan, ShyamPostdoc Postdoc at EvoGenomics +45 353-36057E-mail
Hansen, CharlotteSenior laboratory technician Principal laboratory assistant at EvoGenomics +45 287-52199E-mail
Hansen, Eric SteenEmeritus Lichens; llichens from all over the world; lichen parasites; curation; Greenland; taxonomy; ecology; climate changes; practical use of lichens (dating). +45 353-22189E-mail
Hansen, Kasper LykkePhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 353-21075E-mail
Isager Ahl, LouisePhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 353-35975E-mail
Kodama, MiyakoPostdoc, Evolutionary Genomics Post doc at EvoGenomics +45 353-31375E-mail
Limborg, Morten TønsbergAssistant professor Assistant Professor at EvoGenpmics +45 353-37936E-mail
Liu, ShanlinResearch assistant Research Assistant  E-mail
Lorenzen, ElineAssociate professor, curator Associate Professor, Curator of Mammalogy +45 353-21225E-mail
Lowe, Abigail DaisyPhD student PhD Student at CMEC  E-mail
Lundholm, NinaAssociate professor, curator Diversity, evolution and ecology of algae, curator of algae, mosses and lichens +45 353-22282E-mail
Lynggaard, Christina IslasResearch assistant Research assistant at EvoGenomics +45 353-33976E-mail
Mak, SarahPhD student PhD student at Evolutionary Genomics +45 31 87 42 24E-mail
Møller, Peter RaskAssociate professor  +45 353-21070E-mail
Nielsen, Luisa dos Santos BayStudent assistant Student assistant v. EvoGenomics  E-mail
Nielsen, RuthAssociate professor emeritus Algae +45 353-22185E-mail
Olsen, Morten TangeAssistant professor Tenure track ass. professor +45 42 66 15 25E-mail
Pedersen, Cecilie ToudalSenior advisor Section Administrator at EvoGenomics +45 353-21308E-mail
Petersen, GitteAssociate professor DNA, molecular systematics, phylogeny +45 353-22194E-mail
Provencal, Philippe Emeritus at EvoGenomics  E-mail
Puetz, Lara ChristinePhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 353-33256E-mail
Ramos Madrigal, JazminResearch assistant Research assistant at EvoGenomics  E-mail
Rønsted, NinaProfessor Professor at EvoGenomics +45 23 81 12 03E-mail
Sandoval Velasco, MarcelaPostdoc Postdoc v/EvoGenomics +45 353-21138E-mail
Schnell, Ida BærholmPhD student Ph. d. student at EvoGenomics  E-mail
Schroeder, HannesAssistant professor Assistant Professor at EvoGenomics +45 42 52 36 14E-mail
Seberg, OleProfessor Evolution/phylogeny, monocotyledons, Section leader for Botanical Garden +45 353-22195E-mail
Sigsgaard, Eva EgelyngPhD student PhD student at Evogenomics +45 353-34814E-mail
Sinding, Mikkel Holger StranderPhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 29 66 83 55E-mail
Verstraete, BrechtPostdoc Postdoc at EvoGenomics +45 353-33154E-mail
Winkelmann, Inger Eleanor Hall  +45 353-31020E-mail
Zervas, AthanasiosPhD student PhD student at EvoGenomics +45 353-31302E-mail