Botanical Garden – University of Copenhagen

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Botanical Garden

This is a list of all staff members of the Botanical Garden, the Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen 

NameTitleJob responsibilitiesPhoneE-mail
Aarseth-Hansen, MartinGardener Greenhouse +45 353-30834E-mail
Andersen, JensGardener Outdoors +45 287-52237E-mail
Bastholm, GryGardener Greenhouse +45 23 82 79 37E-mail
Borrisholt, MadsGardener Outdoors +45 353-22234E-mail
Busch, JohnnyGardener Outdoors  E-mail
Dix, SueGardener Greenhouse +45 287-52244E-mail
Egholm, Jens HolgerGardener Outdoors +45 353-22235E-mail
Eilersen, TonniOperations and team leader - outdoors Works and team leader - outdoors +45 29 61 25 71E-mail
Fjeldberg, LejseGardener Outdoors +45 287-51058E-mail
Holst, Rainer P.Gardener Oudoors +45 353-22234E-mail
Kloster, Rasmus NikolajOperations and team leader - greenhouses Works and team leader - greenhouses +45 353-22232E-mail
Knudsen, Birgit WehrlinGardener Outdoors +45 353-22237E-mail
Olsen, Jimmy OlufGardener Greenhouse +45 287-52246E-mail
Seberg, OleProfessor Evolution/phylogeny, monocotyledons, Section leader for Botanical Garden +45 353-22195E-mail
Wang, Bjarne GrønbakCarpenter  +45 353-22238E-mail