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forskning på statens naturhistoriske museum

Research Strategy

Natural History Museum of Denmark is a university museum and falls under the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. As a university department, the museum – like other university departments – is evaluated and allocated resources on the basis of its research and educational output.

Natural History Museum of Denmark is also the main Danish museum for natural history, so is also evaluated on the basis of its outreach work and how it manages the collections. The museum receives a specific grant earmarked for these activities directly from the University of Copenhagen. The two other major Danish museums, the National Gallery and the National Museum, come under the Ministry of Culture.

As a university museum, the driving force is research, and it wishes to foster an attractive research environment based on the collections and unique research infrastructure and involving proactive outreach work to inform the general public of its findings. The museum will continue to boost research based on its collections and continue to keep the public informed of its progress.

We will:

  • increase the number of multidisciplinary academic articles published
  • increase the number of external grants and build up the infrastructure of the new basic research centres
  • increase interest in our research and findings among the general public, schools at all levels, the media, etc.
  • encourage the involvement of top students and researchers in all of our activities and create the right environment for their research
  • develop a strategy for our work describing Earth’s biodiversity
    continue to focus on research ethics and good scientific practice
  • increase the number of full-time women researchers.