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Phylogenetic Systematics and Molecular DatingPhylogenetic Systematics and Molecular DatingPhylogenetic Systematics and Molecular Dating

Phylogenetic Systematics and Molecular Dating

April 2015

The aim of the course is to teach Ph.D. students the theory and methodology of phylogenetic systematics, alignment, and molecular dating. Among the subjects covered are:

  • Phylogenetic theory
  • Characters and character coding
  • Tree building techniques
  • Tree statistics and tree support
  • Bayesian inference
  • Maximum Likelihood
  • Alignment
  • Molecular Dating

Various tree building programs (e.g., MrBayes and TNT) will be demonstrated and used. Lectures will alternate with practical exercises.

The course is preferentially for Ph.D. students; hence, biological knowledge corresponding to a M.Sc. is normally required. Admission to the course is highly competitive and approximately 18 students are admitted from a large group of applicants.

Prior knowledge of phylogenetics corresponding to e.g., Schuh, T. and Brower, A.V.Z. 2009. Biological Systematics. Principles and Applications. 2nd Ed. (Cornell University Press), is essential. Recommended reading: Kitching, I. J. et al. 1998. Cladistics. The Theory and Practice of Parsimony Analysis. 2nd  Ed. (Oxford Science Publications).

Course information

Seven days
April 9th – April 17th, 2015
How to apply
Please fille out this form to apply.
Deadline for applications
March 6th, 2015
Department of Biology, Universitetsparken 15, DK - 2100 Copenhagen Ø (see map)
Evaluation will be on the basis of active participation and successful completion. 7.5 ECTS.
Johan Nylander, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, Sweden
Alexandre Antonelli, Gothenburg Botanical Garden & University of Gothenburg, Sweden, Dimitar Dimitrov The Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Oslo,
Gitte Petersen, Ole Seberg, Nikolaj Scharff and Thomas Pape from the Natural History Museum of Denmark, University of Copenhagen.
Must be arranged on an individual basis, please visit the university's website for international students here.
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