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Ph.d. at the Natural History Museum of Denmark

The overall theme for research at the museum is the description and exploration of the “origin and development of everything” – in other words, describing the biological and geological diversity all around us. This mainly consists of basic research that increases understanding of the connections between the formation and development of Earth and of the Solar System, the origins and evolution of living nature, the interaction between nature and humankind and the correlations and secondary effects derived from of all of the above. 

The Natural History Museum of Denmark is a University Museum under the Facuty of Science, University of Copenhagen. Research at The Museum is orgnised in seven research sections: 

The museum has one of the ten largest collections in the world. Our 14 million specimens include meteorites, minerals, plants, insects, vertebrates, and invertebrates.

In 2015 the museum published 361 peer reviewed publications, including 19 in Science and Nature.

As a PhD student at The Museum you will be enrolled in the PhD School of Science at the Faculty of Science at the University of Copenhagen. 

Currently, the museum has alsmost 100 PhD students and enrolls about 26 new PhD students every year. 

Open PhD positions

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