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Ahl, Louise IsagerPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved EvoGenomics  E-mail
Antunes Pacheco, GeorgePh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende +45 353-36106E-mail
Arp, TrinePh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v/Lars Stemmerik +45 353-21454E-mail
Asplund, MariaPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende +45 353-36526E-mail
Blinkenberg, Kasper HøjPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. EPSS +45 353-37202E-mail
Botnen, Amanda BoltPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved EvoGenomics +45 353-33306E-mail
Botta, FilippoPh.d.-studerende   E-mail
Boyd, Austin JarlPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v/Minik Rosing +45 353-33887E-mail
Bruun-Lund, SamPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved EvoGenomics +45 22 44 59 03E-mail
Buchwald, ErikPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende, biodiversitet +45 353-34383E-mail
Carøe, ChristianPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. EvoGenomics  E-mail
Chisholm, Chelsea LeePh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende, Biodiversitet +45 353-31536E-mail
Damgaard, Peter de BarrosPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved GeoGenetics +45 353-34435E-mail
de la Fuente Castro, ConstanzaPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved GeoGenetics +45 353-34057E-mail
de Oliveira Torquato, FelipePh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. Evogenomics +45 353-20102E-mail
Eriksen, Anne MariePh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v/Tom Gilbert  E-mail
Ernst, MadeleinePh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende +45 353-32009E-mail
Fietz, KatharinaPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. EvoGenomics +45 353-31180E-mail
Fotakis, Anna KaterinaPh.d.-studerende Ph. d. studerende v. EvoGenomics +45 353-30653E-mail
Gaunitz, CharleenPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved GeoGenetics +45 353-34017E-mail
Groen, MirekPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved STARPLAN +45 353-32618E-mail
Hansen, Kasper LykkePh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. EvoGenomics +45 353-21075E-mail
Harðardóttir, SaraPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v/Nina Lundholm +45 353-30856E-mail
Hassemer, GustavoPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved EvoGenomics +45 353-36955E-mail
Hinsch, Julie Ane KjeldsenPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v/CMEC  E-mail
Hofmann, Julia ChristianePh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v/Kurt Kjær +45 91 33 39 22E-mail
Ilardo, Melissa AnnPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved GeoGenetik +45 353-31373E-mail
Iwanycki, Natalie EvaPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved EvoGenomics +45 353-31621E-mail
Jelby, Mads EngholmPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v/Lars Stemmerik +45 353-31379E-mail
Khan, NaveedPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved Centre for GeoGenetics  E-mail
Kristensen, Jakob BruunPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v/Lars Stemmerik +45 353-21408E-mail
Kypke, Janina LisaPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. Biosystematik +45 353-33861E-mail
Lerche-Jørgensen, MathildePh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende  E-mail
Liu, ShanlinPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. EvoGenomics  E-mail
Livermore, Bettina DrøscherPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved EPSS +45 353-21145E-mail
Lomas Vega, MartaPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved CMEC +45 353-31603E-mail
Mak, SarahPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved Evolutionary Genomics +45 31 87 42 24E-mail
McColl, HughPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved Centre of GeoGenetics  E-mail
Moreno Mayar, José VictorPostdoc Post doc ved GeoGenetik +45 353-37807E-mail
Nielsen, MartinPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved EvoGenomics +45 26 80 98 47E-mail
Nielsen, Pia WistoftPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. GeoGenetics  E-mail
Nunes Godeiro, NerivaniaPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. EvoGenomics +45 353-33046E-mail
Orlov, IgorPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. Biosystematics +45 31 79 31 76E-mail
Pedersen, LykkePh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende, Biodiversitet +45 353-34326E-mail
Petersen, JesperPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved GeoGenetik +45 353-37919E-mail
Pietroni, CarlottaPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved GeoGenetik +45 353-34841E-mail
Puetz, Lara ChristinePh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved EvoGenomics +45 353-33256E-mail
Ramos Madrigal, JazminPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. EvoGenomics  E-mail
Rey de la Iglesia, AlbaPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved GeoGenetik +45 353-34175E-mail
Samaniego Castruita, Jose AlfredoPostdoc v. Evolutionary Genomics Post doc v/Evolutionary Genomics  E-mail
Sanghani, Manish NavinchandraPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved STARPLAN +45 353-33060E-mail
Santini, RuiPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved GeoGenetik  E-mail
Schnell, Ida BærholmPh.d.-studerende Ph.d. studerende v. EvoGenomics  E-mail
Seguin-Orlando, AndainePostdoc  +45 353-30812E-mail
Shaw, Joshua Max JenkinsPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. Biosystematik +45 353-32791E-mail
Sigsgaard, Eva EgelyngPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. Evogenomics +45 353-34814E-mail
Sigvardt, Zandra Maria SkandrupPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved Biosystematics +45 353-35152E-mail
Sinding, Mikkel Holger StranderPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. EvoGenomics +45 29 66 83 55E-mail
Skovrind, MikkelPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende ved EPSS +45 353-30241E-mail
Sloth, Kristian GramPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v/Lars Stemmerik +45 353-31765E-mail
Snell, Katherine Rachel ScotchburnPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende, Biodiversitet  E-mail
Tagliavento, MattiaPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v. EPSS +45 353-35813E-mail
Tsoukali, StavroulaPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende +45 353-30376E-mail
Wielandt, Daniel Kim PeelAdjunkt Adjunkt, Section of earth and planetary system science +45 353-21376E-mail
Zervas, AthanasiosPh.d.-studerende Ph.d.-studerende v/Ole Seeberg ved EvoGenomics +45 353-31302E-mail